Greater China: The bigger picture

Greater China share in 2011:

Greater China: The bigger picture

Greater China’s consumption and production of semiconductors both grew to record levels in 2011. Measured in US dollars, Greater China, which includes mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, accounted for more than half of the worldwide semiconductor consumption market in 2011, while it produced less than a third of the worldwide semiconductor industry revenues.

Taiwan is one of the world’s largest suppliers of semiconductors and a key pillar of the Greater China semiconductor industry. Its growing economic relationship with China and progressive easing of cross-Strait investment restrictions have helped accelerate the integration of the Taiwanese and Chinese semiconductor industries, largely through the infusion of talent, technology and capital from Taiwan. This chapter highlights the latest market developments in Taiwan’s semiconductor industry and its interactions with China.

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Market & industry overview Chapter 1
China's semiconductor industry Chapter 2
Design in China Chapter 3
Greater China: The bigger picture Chapter 4
Manufacturing: Growing capabilities Chapter 5
Government and production growth scenarios Chapter 6
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