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Sustainability & climate change tax

In addressing the commercial implications of climate change and sustainable business strategies, businesses can actually gain competitive advantage—if they know how. At PwC, our dedicated team of advisers can help you manage the sustainability-related challenges you cannot ignore. Visit our home page.

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Global Green Policy Insights

PwC's Global Green Policy Insights offers you a simple way of keeping abreast of important international developments in the rapidly evolving area of environmental taxes and regulation. Our bimonthly newsletter combines timely policy updates with valuable insights from our global network of specialists on what these developments mean for business.

Appetite for change: Global business perspectives on tax and regulation for a low carbon economy

Almost 700 executives worldwide share their views on the impact of climate change, their preferred policy tools, the role of government in environmental protection, and what's needed for a global climate change deal.
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Is business carbon ready...or not?

The survey, Carbon ready...or not, highlights a lack of certainty in the Australian business community. Less than a quarter (23.8 per cent) of Australian businesses are prepared for the introduction of the Australian Government's Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS). Nearly as many businesses, 22.5 per cent, have made no preparations for the scheme which is to be reviewed in the Senate next week.
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Incentives to go green

Leading companies recognise that social, environmental, economic and ethical factors directly affect their business strategy and success. As sustainability becomes an integral part of the executive agenda, organizations need to find the right balance between generating profits and reducing the impact of operations on people and the environment.
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