Your environmental tax and regulation update

Global Green Policy Insights ()


In this edition of Global Green Policy Insights we take a look at some of the outcomes from the Rio+20 United Nations (UN) Conference on Sustainable Development, as well as the latest regional, national and sub-national developments in environmental taxes, regulations and other ‘green’ policies.

Highlights include Australia’s new carbon price, China’s carbon offset market rules, Quebec and California’s preparations for their respective cap-and-trade markets set to be launched next year, Ireland and Singapore’s latest sustainable development and climate change strategies, and the United Kingdom’s new mandatory emissions reporting rules.

We take a look at the European Union’s plans for a short-term fix to its emissions trading scheme in response to ailing carbon prices, New Zealand’s decision to delay planned changes to its trading scheme and Rio de Janeiro’s move to put its planned carbon market on-hold altogether. We also feature some of those countries most recently affected by a global trend which has seen governments around the world make cuts to their renewable energy subsidy schemes, including Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and Portugal.