Your environmental tax and regulation update

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Welcome to Global Green Policy Insights, your bimonthly update on the latest developments in environmental taxes, regulations and other ‘green’ policies around the world.

The past few months have seen some interesting developments in international green policy. In South Africa’s 2012 budget review, the Government confirmed that it will introduce the country’s much anticipated carbon tax from 2013. In other parts of the world, a series of national climate strategies have been unveiled, as Governments set out their plans to transition to low carbon economies and look to secure their energy futures. In this edition of Global Green Policy Insights, we feature the strategies of Chile, Scotland and the United Arab Emirates.

Meanwhile, a global trend has gained momentum which has seen cuts to renewable energy subsidy schemes spread across Europe, and other regions throughout the world. Renewable energy sectors in the Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom are among those facing the cuts. In the United States, however, measures to incentivise clean energy technology innovation and deployment featured heavily in the Administration’s proposed budget for 2013.