European Union Services

The European Union (EU) is a unique political community whose Member States have set up common institutions to which they delegate some of their sovereignty so that decisions on specific matters of joint interest can be made together. The European Union is where the European Public Sector comes together when transnational issues are on the agenda. Legislation coming out from Brussels deeply affects both the public and private sector.

The Institutions and Agencies of the European Union (EUI) are among the most influential public sector institutions in Europe. They deal with a wide range of issues of direct importance to everyday life and therefore play a vital role in safeguarding and fostering the social and economic well-being of European citizens. The EUI also play a major role in supporting the EU’s global role in the world through its actions in diplomacy, trade, and development aid.

The European Union is unique as regards to its functioning and institutional make-up, and has set itself ambitious targets in order to meet the challenges facing Europe in the 21st Century.

PwC is proud to be associated with the EU's key initiatives and programmes, having provided independent advice to the EUI over the past decades.

Challenges facing the EU:

'Modernisation and economic progress' is a key-priority of the EU-28. Over 500 million citizens in 28 countries stand to benefit from EU joint action in various areas of common interest, which include:

  • Promoting jobs and growth by boosting competitiveness and improving the investment climate
  • Delivering a border-less digital Europe
  • Building a strong European energy union
  • Creating a deeper and fairer internal market with a strengthened industrial base
  • Deepening the European Monetary Union and strengthening economic governance
  • Reinforcing the EU's role in the world

Collaboration, expertise and concerted action are necessary to turn these priorities into reality, and to fulfil the promises made to the citizens of the EU.

Our service offerings:

PwC provides services to assist the EU Institutions in fulfilling their mission of policy making, governance and organisational delivery. We have teams based in all 28 Member States (and beyond) which can provide professional services in the area of:
  • Strategy and Policy advice;
  • Technology advice;
  • Performance improvement, organisational and process change;
  • Audit and risk management
  • Financial management