Living a Brand Experience through Employees

Benchmarking Human Resource Practices and Policies in the Retail Sector within Europe

In order to adapt to the changes taking place in the market, the retail and distribution sector have undergone a rapid evolution. The sector, previously scattered with small scale retailers whose objective was to sell what they produced, is now making way for large retail chains with well-organised teams in their stores.

This report presents an overview of Human Resource practices within leading European companies in the retail sector. In addition to examining the current situation of these practices the study also aims at engaging readers by highlighting trends, best practices and examples on how personnel management can be used to create value and achieve business goals.

This survey is the results of information collected from 57 retail companies that are either based in, or are multinationals with subsidiaries in 9 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey, representing a majority of large and mid sized enterprises.

Please contact the retail and consumer leader in your country for a copy of this study.