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The PwC Family Business Survey 2012

Family firm: A resilient model for the 21st century

Our benchmarking tool: Helping you to understand how you compare

How do your challenges, strengths and resilience compare to those of your peers across the world? What are your plans, if any, for expansion -- and succession -- in the coming years? What do you see the role of government being?

We've got the qualitative and quantitative data from our large-scale survey of 1,952 family businesses across over 30 countries. We've used this knowledge to create a benchmarking tool that will not only help you see where you are, relative to your peers, but help you set a strategic course for where you want to go.

We invite you to participate in this interactive survey, and "locate" your business across a range of crucial, family-firm-relevant metrics.

Question 1

What is your annual turnover?

Question 2

Where are your headquarters located?

Question 3

What generation of ownership is your company?


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