For better or worse, regulation now appears to be a growth industry. Businesses around the world are coming under the regulatory microscope – at local, national and international levels – more than ever before, with proposals for new rules, restrictions and incentives across a wide spectrum of industries.

Public perceptions of big business have also shifted; it’s now seen as an integral part of the broader social fabric, with all the associated responsibilities this implies. And, finally, there’s the emerging view that regulation is necessary to lay the groundwork for certain types of beneficial commercial exchange that couldn’t otherwise take root and flourish, green energy being a prime example.

What does this mean for your business?

New laws, regulations and public expectations have pushed governance and compliance even higher up the boardroom agenda. Senior executives everywhere recognise it’s essential to make sure their companies have effective, robust and reliable governance and compliance tools, and use them.

Establishing a constructive dialogue between business and regulators is also important. Companies have a lot to gain, both strategically and tactically, from building trust and fostering long-term cooperation with regulators, not only on small industry concerns but also on large ones with bigger socio-political implications. Where trust exists, regulation can become a mechanism for industry-wide – even global – cooperation on issues ranging from financial prudence to technical innovation and climate change.

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