Traffic management

The concept of traffic management as applied to the ground transportation industry encompasses a variety of processes, technology, and cooperative ventures, all of which are measures aimed at making more efficient use of existing roads by controlling the volume and speed of traffic. Such measures tackle a number of problems, including road safety and public transport penetration, to list just a few examples.

There are several implications from the trend of more and more vehicles traveling the roadways. For one, there is a corresponding rise in greenhouse gas emissions, including CO2 which has been attributed to global ambient air temperature increases. Government policies are being drafted and implemented to address this issue, and one of the means to address the problem is through various traffic management schemes.

A second result of increased road traffic is simply more congestion, which translates into wasted fuel, wasted time, and angry motorists. Several studies have been conducted on the effects of increased road traffic, most notably in the US the Urban Mobility Study, conducted annually by the Texas Transportation Institute of Texas A&M University. The Eddington Tranpsort Study provides a look at road congestion and its effects in the UK.

One solution to the road congestion problem in urban areas is the imposition of Road User Charges (RUCs). Several metropolitan areas in Europe have begin to impose RUCs, and this concept is expected to gain ground in the larger metropolitan areas of the United States, especially as fuel costs continue to rise.

How PwC can help you

Traffic management solutions, while imposed by governmental agencies, are increasingly involving private enterprise in the solution. Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) have been an effective method to implement some of the proposals put forth to handle traffic management challenges. PPPs lend themselves very nicely to supporting traffic management development initiatives, as the sphere of influence for traffic management encompasses both public road infrastructure and private vehicle ownership and control. We offer a comprehensive service: advising on procurement, financial structuring, designing performance payment regimes, tax, accounting and human resource issues. Our reputation as the best PPP adviser in the world is confirmed in the advisor ranking tables of Project Finance International.

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