Supply Chain Optimisation

Due to profit pressures, the availability of new technologies, and the emphasis on value enhancement, supply chains have been redefined and are now viewed as a strategic element offering companies opportunities for greater collaboration and cost efficiencies, improved inventory management, real-time communication, better supplier / provider relationships, and overall, operational excellence.

Globalisation brought up more complex supply chain networks being more difficult to manage. So, in order to remain competitive, companies must place greater attention on improving and optimising their supply chains. Optimisation of the supply chain is particularly critical to transportation & logistics companies. Transportation & logistics companies with extended supply chains are being challenged to eliminate waste, improve supplier relations, better manage inventory and be more cost efficient in operating their far-flung operations.

PwC provides the following services to assist companies with optimising the supply chain:

  • Manufacturing and distribution: We assist with import/export restraints, consumer demand and competitive pricing; and provide guidance in cost and inventory management, restructuring, distribution channels, and customer services.
  • Performance improvement: Our service offerings include internal audit, behavioural transformation, human resources services, governance, risk and compliance (GRC), process improvement, risk & value management, security & technology, and sustainability services.