HELM: PwC Economy of the Sea Barometer Portugal

The demanding conditions of the sea shape human capabilities and require people who work in it, or with it, to be committed and passionate about their mission. The sea brings out excellence in leadership, strong strategic vision, and the opportunity to demonstrate that he or she truly knows how to work as a team. Above all, more than learning how to manage change, the sea requires us to adapt to constant and permanent changes in sailing conditions, which imply great flexibility and speed of decision.

With HELM – PwC Economy of the Sea Barometer, we aim to build a tool that helps clarify the current situation of this resource in Portugal, as well as its prospects for the future. The HELM aims to be an instrument of observation that enables its users to obtain useful information in an accessible format.

HELM is a long-term project that operates as a compilation of data that allows us, over time, to accompany the evolution of the economy of the sea in Portugal. Simultaneously, it enables trend analysis and the evaluation of decisions that are being taken by various economic agents.