Carbon Emissions compliance services for airlines

Transportation accounts for a substantial portion of greenhouse gas emissions caused by energy consumption. Governments are increasingly taking measures to promote emission reduction initiatives, such as environmental taxes, subsidies and incentives, negotiated agreements with industry, or emission trading schemes. T&L companies are prime users of all modes of transport, so the increasing attention being paid to carbon dioxide emissions from various modes of transport will have a significant impact on their cost structures – and potentially on their corporate reputations as well.

  1. Allocation and emissions monitoring
    The initial allocation process requires robust data management systems and quality control over reported information as it fixes the amount of allowances for nine years.

    We help aircraft operators to establish a data management system and monitoring to meet emerging international best practice. PwC supports

    • in the selection of software solutions
    • reviews IT systems
    • drafts monitoring plans, especially the necessary underlying procedures
    • performs trial verifications to ensure verifiable and effective monitoring plans and systems.
  2. Independent verification
    PwC is a leading independent global EU ETS verifier, accredited by the United Kingdom Accredition Services (UKAS) and other accreditation bodies.

    We provide external assurance of the accuracy and reliability of greenhouse gas data, both within international emissions trading regimes and within the context of sustainability reporting. We provide professional external assurance, both within international emissions trading regimes and within the context of sustainability reporting. PwC is able to provide verifications of TK and emissions reports for aircraft operators in a cost effective manner and to integrate the audit approach with other types of assurance (eg ISO 14064, CSR reporting or voluntary off setting schemes).

  3. Compliance and hedging
    PwC is a leader in carbon market services. We work on both the buy and sell-side and offer a full range of transaction services, including financial advice, carbon due diligence and structuring for new carbon ventures. We help clients analyse carbon markets and policy developments and integrate climate change challenges and opportunities into their corporate strategy and plans. We can help with scenario planning, market analysis and commercial, regulatory and environmental strategy development.

    Within the aviation sector, PwC recently provided buy-side advice on the readiness and overall exposure of a large European passenger airline under the EU-ETS and are currently working with IATA on a number of issues, including a procurement strategy for carbon offsets.

    Additional PwC services and solutions:

    • Strategy formulation
    • Carbon finance and transactions
    • Clean development mechanisms and joint implementation
    • Project design and development
    • Carbon risk management and health check
    • Greenhouse gases data management, reporting and verification
    • Public policy and delivery