mHealth Insights

PwC continues the discussion about mobile health (mHealth) with mHealth Insights, a series of articles that delve deeper into the issues presented in Emerging mHealth: Paths for growth, a PwC-commissioned global survey about mobile health conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The articles will examine our analysis of the trends, opportunities and barriers in mHealth. mHealth Insights' first instalment was in September 2012, and will follow every two months.

The global mHealth market opportunity and sustainable reimbursement models

In the final issue, we discuss how the mHealth market will grow to nearly $23 billion by 2017 and how organisations can capitalise through scalable business models.

Owning the disease

In the fifth issue, we explore how medical technology companies can adapt to the changing marketplace by adopting a new business model that focuses on the entire patient experience instead of just episodes of care.

Interoperability: An essential component for scalable mHealth

PwC's mHealth explores the current state of interoperable systems, why they are so important to mhealth, and how open systems can benefit providers, payers and new device entrants.

mHealth Insights: Intelligent healthcare through mHealth

This first installment explores how mHealth is enabling a new paradigm where applications use artificial intelligence to simulate the decision-making process, and the challenges developers must overcome to ensure solutions are useful for patients.

Fighting chronic disease

mHealth can give chronic patients customised tools and behaviour information to take control of their condition, make better decisions, and improve their lives.

Reaching those who need it most

More people in emerging markets have mobile devices, which means mHealth can reach vast numbers of people who are most in need of innovative healthcare services.

Battling counterfeit drugs with SMS messages

Through mobile, patients and clinicians can check if a drug is counterfeit by sending a short message service to a server which verifies if a drug is real or fake.

Building mHealth business models that work

What principles are key for mHealth's success? PwC says interoperability, integration, intelligence, socialisation, outcomes and engagement help innovation thrive.