Delivering the PPP promise

By Paul Davies and Kathryn Eustice

PwC makes recommendations for streamlining of ppp procurement process

In a new report, PwC reveals the results of their survey of PPP activity and makes recommendations for further streamlining of the procurement process.

The report was initially written as the background paper to the Transport PPP summit for EU public sector officials, held in October 2005 and hosted by the Department for Transport and the Scottish Executive. This version of the report has been updated for the wider market and describes recent developments on the issues and activities surrounding the PPP marketplace.

PwC’s survey of PPP activity across Europe has been extended in this report to look at the wider, most active markets for PPPs globally. This survey has shown that the PPP approach to procurement is increasingly being adopted to deliver new investment in infrastructure and is extending into new sectors as value for money and other benefits are established.

While the use of PPPs raises a number of complex issues and choices, the solutions to which are often country or project specific, this publication reviews the benefits and challenges of using the PPP model, looks at where its use is most appropriate, and makes strong recommendations on improving the procurement process.

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