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Navigating today's multi-speed media landscape

Amid sharply contrasting growth rates in different E&M segments and markets across the world, a multi-speed, multi-shifting global media landscape is emerging – one where companies must pinpoint and target “hot” pockets of growth and value, as surging digital demand from young consumers opens up fresh areas of opportunity for established companies and new entrants alike.

Here are some of our key global findings.

Live experiences remain a key differentiator in a digital world 

With consumers now having an astonishing array of choice delivered to their hands via the content available on a smartphone, an increasing premium is placed upon the live experience: be that watching the Superbowl on TV, going to the cinema or a gig, or, increasingly, tuning in to e-sports tournaments. The same is true in the business-to-business sector with the growth in trade shows.

As content becomes more digitized, streaming is emerging as the dominant digital format – paired with a digital subscription model

Many of the fastest-growing and most scalable consumer revenue models are based on digital subscriptions. In 2015, the likes of Netflix saw global subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) revenue leap by 32.3% to US$10.9bn, while in music, streaming is starting to cannibalise downloads.  However, this type of model is unlikely to succeed without compelling content – witness how an inability to secure rights to key content has hampered subscription services for books. Free alternatives are a further inhibitor of subscription growth, especially for the likes of newspapers and magazines.

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