Advisory services

Automotive clients engage the wide array of Advisory services that PwC provides to help them solve their strategic and day-to-day problems. We achieve this by creating unique, value-added solutions based on the combination of industry knowledge, subject matter expertise in Consulting and Deals, and our collective experience from all areas of our global network of Firms.

We work side by side with our automotive clients to:

  • Build effective organisations
  • Innovate and grow
  • Reduce costs
  • Manage crisis, risk and regulation
  • Leverage talent
  • Execute better deals
  • Restructure troubled businesses

PwC Advisory Services have a distinctive position in the consulting marketplace:

Distinct from strategy consultants Distinct from systems integrators
We advise and we implement to turn strategy into reality We are the client-side advisor, independent of software vendors
Distinct from investment bankers We bring a sharp industry perspective
We help all the way through the deal and stay to realise value once the deal is done To respond to sector specific challenges

The market ranks our services consistently at the top:

  • Kennedy information Global Consulting Marketplace Report 2009 – 2012
      #1 worldwide Business Advisory Services
      #4 worldwide Consulting
      #3 worldwide Human Resources consulting
  • Thomson Financial – Reports on 2008 deals
      #2 European Private Equity Advisers (by volume)
      #2 M&A Advisor in Asia-Pac excluding Japan (by volume)
  • IDC Worldwide and US Business Consulting 2008 – 2012 Forecast and Update
      #2 worldwide Business Consulting provider
  • 2008 Brown Wilson Black Book of Outsourcing
      #1 in the world for advisory on Finance & Accounting outsourcing
  • 2009 Treasury Management International Awards for Innovation and Excellence
      #1 Treasury Consultant in Europe