Automotive industry globalisation

PwC Autofacts anticipates global light vehicle assembly volumes will grow from 66 million units in 2008 to 93 million units in 2016, with emerging markets contributing 95% of this growth. Emerging markets are anticipated to grow by 26 million units during this time period, while mature market assembly growth will be relatively flat at only 1.4 million units. This trend has lead automakers and suppliers to grow in emerging markets and consolidate operations in mature markets. This trend presents significant opportunities for automakers and suppliers that are positioned to benefit from the growing emerging markets. It also presents significant challenges to manage intercompany pricing on a global basis; executing a sustainable growth strategy through M&A and alliances; managing supply chain risks and optimising logistics; and protecting intellectual property.

How PwC can help you

The PwC global automotive network has more than 1,500 skilled professionals that provide guidance, offer analysis, and deliver solutions to firms across the entire automotive industry value chain. Every day these professionals help companies help in the globalisation of the auto industry by delivering various services including: