A blueprint for the future

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How do healthcare organisations address issues that ranked high in importance or in which there were significant gaps?

They must begin now because the solutions will take a year or more to implement. The complexity of the healthcare system requires understanding the short-term trends and near-term solutions. The trends that healthcare organisations need to develop tactics for are:

Creating the Future Payor System

  • Pay for Performance Will Imbed Reimbursement Methods.
  • Payors Will Implement Self-service Tools to Lower Costs and Shift Responsibility.
  • High-volume Users Will Be Targeted Through Systems that Combine Claims and Self-reported Health Assessments to Develop into Predictive Data.
  • Single-platform Information and Data Warehousing Systems Will Help Payors Simplify, Integrate and Standardise amid the Industry’s Growing Complexity of Relationships.
  • Public and Private Responsibilities to Patients Will Blur, Creating Opportunities and Dilemmas for Payors.

Creating the Future Hospital System

  • Leading Hospitals Will Succeed by Targeting High-Margin, High-Volume and High-Quality Services.
  • New Payor Models Will Require Providers to Strategically Price Services.
  • Demands on Healthcare Workers Will Keep Turnover High.
  • Aging Physical Structures Must Be Replaced or Renovated.
  • Caregivers and Patients Will Demand Information at Their Fingertips.
  • Physicians Will Want Better Support to Benefit from New Technologies.

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