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US electronic home video revenue will more than double

Electronic video will double its revenue share

Key insights at a glance


Filmed entertainment revenue will surpass US$100bn in 2017 as emerging markets drive growth. Globally, filmed entertainment revenue will rise at a CAGR of 4.5% from US$88.3bn in 2013 to US$110.1bn in 2018, passing US$100bn in 2017. While some of this expansion will be driven by growing demand in emerging markets, notably China, mature markets such as the US, the UK and Japan will also continue to grow.


Global electronic home video revenue will exceed physical home video revenue in 2018. Globally, the total combined revenue from over-the-top (OTT)/streaming services and broadcasters' video on demand (VOD) services will grow at a CAGR of 19.9% to overtake physical home video revenue (the sale and rental of DVDs and Blu-ray discs) in 2018.


OTT/streaming services will deliver the fastest rates of growth. OTT/streaming will see the fastest rates of growth (28.1% CAGR), rising from US$6.6bn globally in 2013 to US$22.7bn by 2018, and will exceed revenue from physical sell-through by 2018.


Box office resilience underscores the continuing popularity of the cinematic experience. Global box office revenue will exceed revenue from physical home video in 2014 and grow over the forecast period to US$45.9bn by 2018, from US$36.1bn in 2013, at a 4.9% CAGR.


China will provide a challenge and an opportunity. China will overtake Japan to become the world's third-largest market for filmed entertainment (behind the US and UK) in 2018. Total revenue in China will reach US$7.0bn, up from US$3.8bn in 2013, at a CAGR of 13%.


Though Hollywood films will still dominate, the distribution of video content will continue to evolve. In the next five years, while big-budget Hollywood movies will still appear first in a cinema, release windows elsewhere will continue to contract and evolve. As new players enter the market and new platforms grow in popularity, traditional distribution models will be disrupted.

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The following data is available for filmed entertainment for 54 countries (where available).

Revenue data:

  • Total filmed entertainment revenue
  • Total home video revenue
  • Physical home video – sell through revenue
  • Physical home video – rentals revenue
  • Total electronic home video revenue
  • Total electronic home video OTT/streaming revenue
  • Electronic home video – TVOD revenue
  • Electronic home video – SVOD revenue
  • Electronic home video through-TV-subscription revenue
  • Total cinema revenue
  • Cinema advertising revenue
  • Box office revenue

Non-revenue data:

  • Admissions
  • Physical home video – sell through unit sales
  • Physical home video – sell through average price
  • Average admissions price

Segment definition

This segment comprises both cinema revenue (including box office and advertising) and home video revenue (including both physical and digital home video, and including sell-through, rental and subscription models). This revenue is both digital and non-digital, and includes both consumer and advertising spending.

Home video includes both electronic and physical home video of films, TV programming and other premium video content. Revenue comprises sell-through and rental of physical home video, and subscription and transactional revenues from electronic home video.

Physical home video is split between rentals and sell-through and covers consumer spend on movies, TV programming and other premium filmed entertainment content, on DVD or Blu-ray. The purchase of physical home video products – on DVD or Blu-ray – is included here with all spending considered including retail and online. Rental revenue comprises spending on rentals of videos at video stores and other retail outlets along with DVD or Blu-ray discs distributed by mail services.

Electronic home video considers revenue from on-demand video services that offer premium filmed entertainment content (including movies, TV programming or other premium video content) either via a TV subscription provider, or an over-the-top (OTT)/streaming service (such as Netflix).

Electronic home video through-TV-subscriptions comprises revenue from both video on demand (VOD) and pay per view (PPV) services provided by a TV provider as part of a TV subscription package, or as an enhancement to that core package. This category excludes revenue from stand-alone operator OTT services that do not require a subscription, such as MTG's Viaplay or Sky's Now, but includes incremental revenue from "TV Everywhere" packages (such as Sky's Go) that bundle OTT with conventional pay-TV services. This revenue is also considered within the TV subscriptions segment (though not broken out) but is removed at total level to avoid double counting.

Electronic home video through OTT/streaming services comprises revenue from standalone services (such as Netflix) whose filmed entertainment content is accessed via a broadband or wireless Internet connection and is viewable on a PC, TV, tablet, smartphone, or other device which bypasses TV subscription providers. These services are split between transactional video on demand (TVOD) and subscription video on demand (SVOD). Note that this category also includes revenue from stand-alone operator OTT services, such as MTG's Viaplay or Sky's Now, that do not require a subscription to a core TV service, but excludes revenue from operator "TV Everywhere" packages that bundle OTT with conventional pay-TV services.

TVOD services (such as iTunes) deliver filmed entertainment content via the open Internet and do not require a subscription. SVOD services (such as Netflix) are also delivered over the open Internet, but require a subscription.

Cinema revenue comprises consumer spend at the box office for theatrical motion pictures and advertising spend at the cinema including on-screen adverts prior to the movie. It does not include revenue from merchandise or concessions. This revenue is non-digital, and from both consumer and advertising spending.



Filmed entertainment key insights at a glance
Filmed entertainment by growth and scale
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