Project and programme management

There is a lot of pressure on the European Union Institutions to meet improvement and development targets, and to deliver major change programmes to high standards.

PwC can help the European Union Institutions to maximise the efficiency of public spending by improving their broad programme and project management capability. Our approach involves building on current project and programme management capabilities, or otherwise developing new capabilities, to provide efficient and workable solutions tailored to the client's needs.

Potential issues

  • Improving efficiency and effectiveness in response to targets and reviews
  • Improving and developing an organisation’s programme and project management capability
  • Addressing a poor track-record of delivery
  • The need to realise the anticipated benefits of a strategy

PwC services

  • Helping to build client capacity through coaching, facilitation of workshops and general support to managers, sponsors and stakeholders
  • Advising on suitable levels of planning and control, management reporting and appropriate governance
  • Helping to clarifying the scale and scope of work, so that targets and objectives are clear
  • Developing tools and methodologies for programme and project management, delivery and reporting
  • Setting up programme offices and roles