IT effectiveness

The introduction of new technology is seen as one of the key enablers for change and modernisation across the public sector.

At PwC, we recognise that this presents more than a technical challenge to our clients, and our IT effectiveness team works with many leading public sector bodies to understand and manage all of the risks that might prevent the benefits of technological change being fully realised.

Potential issues

  • Enhancing the citizen's experience of public services
  • Linking change programmes to the outcome targets that drive public bodies
  • Responding to the e-Government agenda
  • Procurement of e-Government systems
  • Increased pressure to use, manage and monitor IT effectively and appropriately within organisations

PwC services

  • Building the credibility of the CIO, with services including managing IT cost and value and advising on sourcing and service management
  • Increasing the effectiveness of IT projects including planning change, benefits and ROI modelling, communications and organisational design and training
  • Aligning IT to business to enable the IT function to realise the business objectives and maximise the value of IT to the business
  • Advising on sourcing and service management including IT performance measurement, funding and commercial and risk management
  • Delivering enterprise security including security strategy and planning, threat and vulnerability management, security and crisis incident response
  • Selecting appropriate solutions using business care development, package and supplier validation & project and change management to enhance the organisation