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Trust in public finances: A survey of citizens in 10 European countries
European governments need to regain citizens’ trust in public finances. Only one in five Europeans have trust in their government’s ability to manage public finances, according to a new ICAEW-PwC report.
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Sustainable public finances – EU perspectives
ICAEW together with PwC issued a report on how to move forward public sector accounting and financial management in the EU. This report proposes ten key insights designed to enhance understanding of the challenges of achieving sustainable public finances among policymakers and stakeholders.
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Modernising government accounting in Europe
On 30 September, Eurostat released a study conducted by PwC EU Services on behalf of the European Commission on the future implementation of European Public Sector Accounting Standards (EPSAS) by the EU Member States.
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The Institutions and Agencies of the European Union (EU) are among the most influential public sector institutions in Europe. They play a vital role in safeguarding and fostering the social and economic well-being of citizens not only in EU Member States, but also in countries in the larger region. Moreover, the European Commission is the third largest provider of official external development assistance in the world.

The European Union is unique as regards to its functioning and institutional make-up, and has set itself ambitious targets in order to meet the challenges facing Europe in the 21st Century.

PwC is proud to be associated with the EU's key initiatives and programmes, having provided independent advice to the EU Institutions over the past decades.

Challenges facing the EU:

'Modernisation and economic progress' is a key-priority of the EU-28 and the Accession Countries. Almost 500 million EU citizens stand to benefit from EU joint action in the various areas of common interest, which include:

  • Promoting growth and jobs
  • Facilitating economic progress
  • Completing enlargement
  • Reinforcing the EU's role in the world
  • Fighting international terrorism and organised crime

Collaboration, sound financial management and concerted action are necessary to turn these priorities into reality, and to fulfil the promises made to the citizens of the EU.

Our service offerings:

PwC provides services to assist the EU Institutions in fulfilling their mission of policy making, governance and organisational delivery. Our service offerings include audit, advice in financial management, regulatory compliance checks, programme and project management and implementation, training, monitoring and evaluation, human resource management and studies.

For a more detailed overview of our service offerings and of how PwC can help the EU Institutions to fulfil the objectives set for the period covered by the new Financial Framework for the enlarged Union 2007 - 2013, see the drop-down list on the left-hand pane.

Financial Instruments

European Union programming period 2014-2020 - From vision to implementation

Financial Instruments: European Union programming period 2014-2020 - From vision to implementation
A new PwC study for DG TAXUD: Feasibility study on a standardised relief at source system implementing the principles of the ‪‎FISCO ‬Recommendation Study FISCO Executive summary