EU services team

PwC has two specialised teams whose purpose it is to facilitate the two-way communication and relationship between the EU Institutions and PwC and its clients:

  • The PwC EU Services Support Team, pictured above, is a one-stop-shop for European Institutions wishing to engage PwC and external parties wanting to work with PwC on EU-funded assignments.  Our dedicated multilingual team provides support and guidance to the experts in our network in responding to EU-funded calls for proposals.  The PwC EU Services Support Team also administrates our specialised business vehicle for offering services to the Institutions and Agencies of the EU: our European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG), called "PwC EU Services".
    This EEIG, set up in Brussels in 2005, allows PwC to offer our services to the EU Institutions and Agencies as one Pan-European legal grouping, rather than a network of various PwC legal entities from the 27 EU Member States.

    For more information, please contact Gillian O’Connor, EU Account Manager,
    tel.: +32 (0)2 710 4651

  • The PwC European Public Affairs Team aims to ensure that, when European regulatory initiatives are proposed that may impact on the operations of PwC, the interests of our firm are looked after. The European Public Affairs team also provides targeted information on EU policy developments to PwC colleagues.

    For more information, please contact Jacomien Benhaiem-van den Hurk, Senior Manager,
    tel.: +32 (0)2 710 4643

    European Public Affairs