World Economic Forum

We’ve been strategic partners to the World Economic Forum (WEF) since the 1980s. In helping them with their mission to create a community of leaders who are committed to improving the state of the world, we’ve joined forces on numerous projects and communities focusing on issues that will redefine the place in which we live today.

We're currently collaborating with the WEF on the major challenge around changing consumer attitudes towards sustainable business practices. As industry advisor to the WEF, we second our experts to help drive WEF industry initiatives. More often than not, these result in the publication of a report outlining recommendations for business, government and civil society.

As a strategic partner, we participate in the WEF’s programme of regional and annual events. We also help to shape the debate by providing PwC Insights that set the scene for event sessions.

PwC at Davos

The WEF brings together prominent individuals from business, government and academia to discuss pressing global issues and identify solutions to these challenges at their Annual Meeting. The theme of the 2015 meeting was 'The New Global Context'.

Each year, we launch our Annual Global CEO Survey with the media and in discussion sessions with the CEOs attending the meeting. Our 18th CEO Survey launched on 20 January 2015. You can watch a replay of the launch webcast here.

PwC at Summer Davos

The WEF's Annual Meeting of the New Champions, known as ‘Summer Davos’, is one of the most important global business gatherings in Asia. At last summer's meeting, our Global Data and Analytics practice launched Big Decisions: Global Data & Analytics Survey 2014, a global report drawing on the perspectives of business leaders and academia. As knowledge partner, we provide PwC Insights for each of the WEF’s programme pillars.

Our involvement in WEF’s other communities

As well as secondees, we also support the WEF’s Young Global Leaders and Global Shapers initiatives, which are communities of exceptional leaders from across the globe. Already successful in their own fields, these individuals have joined together to co-create a community of insight and action committed to improving the state of the world. We’re proud to have Celine Herweijer as a Young Global Leader, and Pei Shan Wong in Singapore, Sergey Sirotenko in Moscow, Magdalena Hologa in Warsaw and Mohamad Sobh in Jeddah as Global Shapers.

We are also partners to the WEF's Gender Parity Programme and provide expertise to their network of Global Agenda Councils (GACs), which collectively is a global community of experts in their respective fields of academia, business, government, international organisations and society. We currently support the GACs on Climate Change and Global Governance.