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Making time to grow your business 
Thinking strategically about the future is vital for private companies. How do you start focusing on what’s really important?

Roadmap to a successful social media strategy 
The social media landscape is quickly becoming an essential component to how private businesses interact and engage with their market. Learn how to cut through the clutter.

Plan more, Pay less: Effective tax strategies for your family business 
There are a number of tax strategies available for Canadian family business leaders – effective planning allows you to capitalize on existing opportunities.

Planning the next move: Successfully transitioning to a professionally-managed business 
To grow and evolve a business to the next level, Canadian family business leaders may consider transitioning to professional management.

Succeeding through succession: Using succession planning to build value and talent 
Succession planning is critical for private company, yet many companies do not have a well defined succession plan. This can have far-reaching repercussions.

Growing mobile 
The evolution of technology is taking place at such a rapid rate that the sooner you initiate a digital mobile strategy, the better.

Solving business problems with game-based design 
What is it about games that people enjoy so much? Whether it's the engagement, the motivation, or the challenge, businesses have begun to take notice.

Mobile technologies index 
The Mobile Technologies Index is a broad composite of seven enabling components. Find out more about infrastructure speed - part 2 in the series.

Driving growth with your supply chain 
Supply chain touches almost every aspect of operations within a company. As a result, it can account for anywhere from 30 to 70 percent of a business’ overall cost base.

Mobile Innovations Forecast: Making sense of the rapid change in mobile innovatio 
With the goal of providing business leaders early warnings about coming disruptions and actionable intelligence about new opportunities, PwC introduces its Mobile Innovations Forecast.

Cultivating innovation: What’s the formula? The innovation master plan framework 
Learn five actions you can take at your company to cultivate innovation.

Advancing the growth agenda 
Private company leaders are feeling positive about future prospects. Stronger balance sheets and easier access to financing mean new opportunities for growth. Are you ready?

Making strategic planning real 
PwC recently hosted a webinar on the fundamentals of strategic planning. An informal poll of participants revealed that only 12% were convinced their employees could articulate their company’s vision. Read the full article.

M&A in the Canadian technology sector - Having that competitive option 
Coming out of the economic downturn, technology companies emerged stronger than ever. Growth has been spurring by increased investment in innovative technology strategies and solutions.

PwC at C2-MTL: Video highlights of the event 
PwC presented five collaborative workshops in conjunction in the inaugural edition of C2-MTL, an international business conference that blends commerce and creativity.

Watch & Listen: Videos about the Canadian Technology Industry 
Watch videos of our people talking about key trends evolving in the Technology Industry in Canada.

Connecting With Social Media 
This article by Debbie Dimoff explains how social media can play a leading role in helping to drive business by engaging employees, consumers, suppliers, partners and even investors.

The power of social media 
This paper explains the difference between social media and social collaboration and why CIOs and CTOs should become social media role models for their organization.

Hot Sectors, Hot Markets: Economic forecast for emerging technologies 
PwC’s report on selected emerging global market opportunities, with the goal of identifying potential sources of foreign direct investment for the Greater Toronto Area.

Embracing the Power of the Cloud 
Thanks to the arrival of software as a service, infrastructure as a service and platform as a service, the playing field for private companies is becoming level with the big players.

Vision to Reality Insights 
As founders and lead visionaries of emerging technology companies you have a unique perspective on how to overcome challenges and grow a successful business in Canada.

Growing Companies Need Board Guidance Too 
An effective formal board of directors or informal advisory board is a valuable, consistent, relatively inexpensive source of advice to any company.


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