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Equal Opportunities & Equal Pay

Fairness, transparency and trust in employees

Is your company ready to show in its corporate communication that it rewards employees fairly?
Demonstrate your commitment to equal pay for men and women for equal work or work of equal value and strengthen your position in the labour market as a responsible employer.

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Your commitment to equal pay for employees begins with the internationally recognized EQUAL-SALARY certification. PwC has exclusive rights to provide this certification from the Swiss EQUAL-SALARY Foundation.

Become EQUAL-SALARY cerified

Benefits of EQUAL-SALARY certification

It demonstrates a commitment to fair and non-discriminatory remuneration
It leads to an inclusive, respected corporate culture
It provides proof that your company provides equal employment opportunities for women and men
It earns you a place among the best employers that don’t just talk about their commitment to equality, but can also demonstrate it

How to become an EQUAL-SALARY certified employer

The company will upload the data of its employees to the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation’s secured IT platform. All data are pseudonymized before PwC analysis. Salary data of employees will be destroyed after the statistical analysis.

The EQUAL-SALARY statistical regression model is used to identify the pay gap for equal work between men and women. If you want to proceed to step 2, the difference must be ≤ 5% and the regression coefficient ≥ 90%.

The company lists employees who do not meet these criteria to explain the difference and/or prepare a remediation plan.

PwC’s EQUAL-SALARY team carries out an on-site audit and applies international quality management standards in order to assess:

  1. management’s commitment to equal treatment for men and women
  2. the integration of equal pay and opportunity strategies into HR processes and policies
  3. employees’ perception of their company’s equal treatment practices

The EQUAL-SALARY Foundation will receive the PwC report from the on-site audit and will subsequently decides on granting the EQUAL-SALARY certificate to the company. This certificate is a clear demonstration of the company's commitment to equal pay for men and women and can be used in all company communications.

EQUAL-SALARY certification is valid for three years. During this period, the certified company undergoes two monitoring visits to demonstrate its ongoing commitment and fulfilment of actions to apply a policy of fair, non-discriminatory treatment for men and women.

Towards sustainability through people

The ESG approach and reporting is becoming increasingly important for companies. While the focus remains on environmental issues, social issues are increasingly coming to the fore. EQUAL-SALARY certification guarantees to companies that their remuneration system is verified in accordance with the methodology recognized by the European Commission, which they will also prove in the sustainability report.

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EQUAL-SALARY Foundation is an independent non-profit organization based in Switzerland. It was established in 2010 and has so far certified almost one hundred companies worldwide and issued more than 100 EQUAL-SALARY certificates. Although these organizations cover a diverse range of industries, countries and sizes, they have one important thing in common: they all demonstrate their commitment to equal pay for all employees.

In Slovakia, the following companies have obtained the EQUAL-SALARY certificate:

  • Philip Morris Slovakia s.r.o. in 2018
  • Lidl Slovak Republic, v.o.s. in 2022

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