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Discovery Programme - The Leaders of Tomorrow

It is to make participants understand and experience in real situations what leadership means, understand self and own style, identify and appreciate styles of others and be able to respond to these and demonstrate leadership at work and in real life. The programme faculty will provide facilitation to support and challenge participants in their ongoing learning and personal leadership development.

Why to study Discovery Programme?

We all live in our environments, this program is designed to expand on this and give you a chance to interact with future leaders from totally different environments, with different mindset and experience. This is the true leadership challenge. Modular format gives you a unique chance to use learning from a module in your real environment, and hence to experiment and learn from your own experience in your standard workplaces/ environments with the continuing support of your learning set and facilitators.

Target audience

Discovery provides a fantastic development opportunity for people in business who have people and team responsibility and want to move from people and project managers to leaders. Are you ready to start the journey, are you open to change, have potential to grow, are you ready to experiment? Discovery is a major investment in your personal development, it is aimed at supporting you in your journey to more senior leadership positions in your professional carriers.

Structure of Leadership Programme
  • Discovery Programme lasts 6 days, 2 days per each module.
  • On the modules, people will work in small, facilitated „learning sets‟ to ensure a high quality of learning dialogue.
  • On the modules, people will be expected to share and discuss with their colleagues in their learning sets their practical experiences of applying their learning to their specific leadership challenges back in their individual workplaces.

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