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Driving change for Middle East family businesses

How to build a sustainable family business – our value proposition

Unique dynamics and long-term vision

Family businesses are built with a vision for the future in mind. Although they are often viewed as change-resistant, the reality is that many family businesses have an innate ability to self-innovate, demonstrate resilience in times of change, inspire trust, and build a competitive advantage while maintaining their entrepreneurial spirit and their core values. 

These are the very qualities that have been carrying them successfully from one generation to the other.

Evolution in parallel for family and business

Both family and business grow in parallel and the evolution of one influences the other. This extra layer of complexity due to the interwoven growth paths means that managing strategic direction and shareholding can become emotional decisions. As family and business evolve, the need to professionalise and put in place objective mechanisms that protect the future of both becomes unavoidable.

You are operating in a new norm

The strategies that led to success in the past will not work in the future. We are currently experiencing a period of rapid transformation – digital disruption, market fluctuations, regulatory changes, megatrends. Family businesses are called upon to rise to new challenges.

We see three key imperatives to future-proof your business

Building your legacy

How do you ensure cross-generational sustainability and maximising shareholder value?

Innovating for future growth

How do you ensure top-line growth and strategies that will successfully carry the business into the future?

Succeeding in uncertainty

How do you ensure bottom-line profitability as well as agile and efficient operations?

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Governance & Continuity

Are the right governance tools and board composition in place?

 strategy black


Do you have a dynamic strategy in place to guide you successfully into the future?

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Portfolio Optimisation

Is your portfolio set up optimally to maximise value for shareholders?

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Process & Cost Optimisation

Are your operations agile, efficiency-driven and ready to withstand market fluctuations?

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Family Office

Are the family assets protected and the family’s investment opportunities maximised?

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Digital Transformation

Are you ready to compete in a digital age with the right strategy, systems, processes, people, data?

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Turnaround Support

Do you want to improve cash flow or are considering financial restructuring?

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Finance of the Future

Are you able to monitor business performance accurately and in real time to help you make strategic decisions?

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