Bridging the Gap for Individuals with Autism through Public Policy and Technology

Towards Health Equity

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  • May 13, 2024


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a significant global public health concern, with 1 in 100 children affected, and an increasing prevalence in adults. Our latest whitepaper ‘Towards Health Equity’, produced in conjunction with Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre, delves into the multifaceted challenges that individuals with autism face, emphasising the crucial roles that technology and public policy play in bridging health equity gaps. By integrating advanced technological solutions and advocating for robust public policy reforms, we aim to significantly enhance the quality of life and accessibility of services for individuals with autism, moving towards a more inclusive and equitable health landscape.

In this paper we examine four key areas:

  1. The Impact of Social Determinants on Autism, exploring how factors like socioeconomic status, education, and community support influence the health equity of people with autism.

  2. Public Policy: Catalysing Improved Health Equity in Autism Care, discussing the instrumental role of government and public policy in promoting health equity for individuals with autism.

  3. Technology as an Enabler for Improving Health Equity for Individuals with Autism, highlighting the role of technology and digital literacy in promoting equitable care, and showcasing a selection of autism-tailored innovative technologies currently in use around the world.

  4. Actionable Public Policy Strategies for Technological Integration, proposing a series of strategic recommendations for health authorities around the world on how technology may be better enabled through public policy to enhance the health equity of individuals with autism.

This paper concludes with a call to action for stakeholders—including policymakers, healthcare providers, technology developers, and the autism care community—to collaborate in nurturing an ecosystem that not only addresses but anticipates the needs of individuals with autism. By aligning efforts across these domains, the paper advocates for a society where health equity is not merely an aspiration, but a reality for all.

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