Islamic Finance

Globally, Islamic Finance assets currently amount to approximately US$ 1.2 trillion and account for only 1.2% of total global banking assets, presently estimated to be in the region of US$ 94.7 trillion.  However, it is expected that the Islamic finance industry will more than double to US$ 2.6 trillion by 2017, thus potentially creating massive opportunities in this rapidly growing industry. The MENA and Asia will account for a large part of that growth.


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The competitive environment for financial services in SAAAME (South America, Africa, Asia and Middle East) has dramatically changed as these regions are experiencing  accelerated growth and increased intra-regional  trade. We believe that Islamic Finance is ideally placed to take advantage of these trends; our analysis indicates that by 2030, more than 95% of the world’s Muslim population will be located in Asia and Africa.

Larger global forces are ensuring that Islamic Finance is here to stay and grow, particularly in view of the need to satisfy the rapidly increasing Islamic Financial services needs of the SAAAME region. The key question is how rapidly institutions adapt. 

How PwC can help

Our Islamic Finance practice stands at the forefront of Islamic finance and banking development. Our clients in the Islamic financial services sector include local, regional and international banks, Takaful (Islamic insurance) operators, real estate investment trusts, mutual funds and major regulators and regulatory bodies.