Tax and Legal Services

We help our clients to find their bearings in the complex area of taxes and to avoid any risks. All that using the right mixture of modern instruments and the expertise of our colleagues who have often been active in the field of taxes for decades.

Innovative tailored technologies

We perform the digitalisation of our services to be able to offer you new perspectives, higher work security as well as real time outputs.

VAT Spectrum

  • VAT Spectrum is a web tool designed for the preparation of VAT declarations, control statements, recapitulative statements as well as the Intrastat reports. The tool is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) You only make a monthly payment and the rest of the work is done for you. The tool which enables the preparation of all VAT and Intrastat statements helps to detect any reporting errors, checks the validity of VAT registration numbers of your clients and suppliers.
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Verification of VAT numbers for business partners in SAP

  • Verify whether your supplier is reliable or whether your payments are made to the correct bank account directly in SAP. Our solution, integrated into the system, saves the verification outcome for future reference if needed due to an inspection by financial authorities.
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Effective Tax Rate

  • Tool displaying the tax position of the group of your companies, or more precisely the individual connected persons. This way you can set the overall tax position and benchmark it within the industry and/or with your competitors; evaluate your effective tax rate (ETR) according to the specific entity and/or jurisdiction and compare the ETR with the nominal rate in each individual jurisdiction; analyse the individual payments of the corporate income tax (according to the entity and jurisdiction) and focus on a more detailed analysis.
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Transfer Pricing Financial Transactions Tool

  • Tool designed for groups providing a large number of intra-company loans, allowing the automatic determination of the market range of applicable interest rate. The user-friendly software will be tailored to your needs, including the field of specialisation, credit rating, structure of liabilities or loan maturity.

Engagement Centre

  • Web platform enabling the efficient and safe exchange of information and documents between the client and the PwC tax team, monitoring of progress in real time and access to all questions and answers, all in one place. For your clients, this means a better overview of your contract status and elimination of the need to acquire and search for information in their email communication.
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Fixed Assets Register

  • All asset controls and analyses are performed using our internally-developed and administered FAR system (Fixed Assets Register) which enables a system review of the entire assets register supplied by the client. Intelligent display solutions and summary tables ensure the interactive presentation of outcomes and highlighting of any identified differences and inconsistencies.

Intelligent Risk Monitoring

  • Our Intelligent Risk Monitoring service constitutes an automated solution enabling the due diligence of a large number of third parties and the identification of risks related to finance, tax, fraud, compliance, and others.
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CIT Spectrum

  • CIT Spectrum is the sole platform through which we will carry out and deliver you our work on the preparation of the corporate income tax return. CIT Spectrum is our delivery platform, which enables PwC and you to share documents, raise questions about documents, track work, visualize progress, and communicate more efficiently in a way that is transparent, collaborative and secure.

With our global and local expertise in the area of taxes, we are able to provide our customers in the Czech Republic with high-quality services. As the current business challenges show, in order to process taxes efficiently while maintaining the client’s trust and respecting their needs, a tax advisor needs to know all the tax regulatory issues and technical tools inside out.

Martin Diviš

PwC Lead Partner, Tax and Legal Services

Our services

Corporate tax services

PwC provides a full range of corporate taxation services. In order to provide you with complex solutions for all your tax matters, our consultants cooperate both locally and internationally while keeping you informed of relevant changes in tax regulations affecting directly your industry. We will make sure that your business complies with all legal regulations to allow you to manage your costs efficiently.

Our services

Tax consulting for individuals

We have years of experience with tax and legal service provision to natural persons and with preparation of personal income tax returns.

Our specialists can help you with the following:

  • Tax aspects of financial investment in securities, investment funds and other participation in companies
  • Solution of personal proprietary matters by means of family foundations or trust in the Czech Republic as well as abroad
  • Investment taxation abroad
  • Taxation of all kinds of income (e.g. capital income, rental income, income from dependent activity)
  • Tax impacts of restructuring such as non-monetary deposits into holdings, mergers or other business transformation with your property interest in business, settlement of participation in projects where you co-invest with third parties

Transaction tax services

We will fully support you in all transactions to ensure they fully comply with all tax regulations and to minimise the associated tax burden and any risks.

  • Tax due diligence of target companies
    We will perform a thorough tax due diligence of the target company in order to identify potential tax risks which could have an impact on the purchase price value or which could crystallise after the acquisition.  During this process, we closely cooperate with the financial due diligence team as well as with the legal team that inspects the tax due diligence from the legal perspective. We offer tax due diligence services to both the buy-side as well as the sell-side in the form of a vendor due diligence.
  • Tax structuring services
    We will develop a tax-optimal acquisition and financing structure for the buyer and an optimal sale-structure for the seller. Our primary goal is to minimise the potential tax burden connected to the transaction that could crystallise upon the acquisition or later and to enable the buyer to apply tax deductions (concerning interest, in particular) with respect to financing the transaction.
  • Other tax transaction services
    We also provide other transaction tax services such as the tax review of transaction documentation (especially share purchase agreement with respect to the target company), tax optimisation of incentive plans for management, assistance with the implementation of the acquisition or selling structure, and so on.

VAT, customs duty, excise tax and environmental tax

PwC’s indirect tax advisory specialists provide services in the following areas:

Transfer pricing services

Our team in the Czech Republic focuses on Czech and international taxation.  Our specialists in the field of transfer pricing have the knowledge of local particularities and many years of extensive experience gained abroad. The global PwC network allows us to get support from our colleagues from international PwC offices. 

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Expert evidence

Expert evidence is an independent and objective evaluation which may be one of the resources used by decision-making institutions (e.g. the Tax Office or the court).  It can also be used as probative evidence.

Being an expert institution having the appropriate privileges, PwC Czech Republic can issue expert evidence, primarily, in the following areas:

  • Transfer pricing
  • R&D tax deductions
  • Valuation/pricing in the following areas:
    • Business valuation
    • Real estate valuation
    • Valuation of intangible assets
    • Valuation
    • of machinery/equipment
    • Valuation of financial assets

Taxes and PwC expertise in other areas


Martin Diviš

Martin Diviš

Lead Partner, Tax and Legal Services, PwC Czech Republic

Tel: +420 602 749 934

David Borkovec

David Borkovec

Partner, Tax and Legal Services, PwC Czech Republic

Tel: +420 724 369 345

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