Energy and utilities

The energy and utilities sector has been undergoing major transformation and changes. We will help you to stay ahead of your competitors and to retain customers.

How PwC can help

Building smart networks

We create central applications for data acquisition from smart networks and its processing to optimise the operation of utilities in the new, decentralised energy system, involving active customers (prosumers).

Building customer systems of a new generation

We implement new generation systems that reduce the “time to market” with respect to new products and services from months or weeks to mere hours, and define customer groups which are most likely to accept the offer.

Intelligent infrastructure asset management

We help to reduce the costs while increasing operational reliability and safety during the entire infrastructure asset lifecycle.

Preparation of sustainability strategy

Our team includes the PwC Centre of Excellence in Decarbonisation, which has international experience in reduction of greenhouse gases emitted from various industries such as the energy sector.

The energy and utilities sector has been undergoing major transformation since the formation of the centralised arrangement of the industry from the manufacturer to the consumer. We help our customers to address the challenges of this transformation and to maximise the potential of opportunities that come along.

Michal Osladil

Energy & Utilities Leader PwC ČR

Our services in the area of energy and utilities

Smart networks and renewable resources

The era of smart approach of energy and renewable resources changes the way the manufacturers as well as consumers think about electrical energy. Digital technologies transform the entire technology and value chain and help to create the world of distributed production with an increasing share of customers who produce, store and consume electricity independently. This is all associated with new challenges where we can help:

  • Feasibility study, energy business case formation
  • Financial planning, modelling, advisory on regulatory issues
  • Preparation of energy tenders
  • Implementation of smart IT technologies
  • Project and governance support in the creation of distribution networks and energy resources
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Advisory on the operation and maintenance of networks and energy resources

Electrical energy distribution and asset management

We will help you with implementation of innovative methods of infrastructure asset management with the aim to improve operability, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure high reliability. Similarly to automation and connectivity enhancement, smart asset management based on digital tools and tried-and-tested methods becomes increasingly important for companies as well as their clients. In the area of energy distribution, we help our clients to address the following challenges:

  • Arranging for the use of new technologies as efficiently as possible, including smart solutions
  • Comprehensive data analysis using artificial intelligence methods and machine learning, which contributes to reduction of total costs and to enhanced performance
  • Increase of operational efficiency through the selection and optimisation of relevant metrics
  • Increase of the robustness of financial management and pressure put on performance – implementation of internal processes and metrics, the design of which is focused on increase of management reliability, support of data-based decision-making and increase of operational efficiency

Digital customer transformation

The new digital technology and services standards are also associated with changes in customer expectations, which sets higher standards even for companies doing their business in the energy sector. Moreover, many customers already consider clean energy produced at the point of consumption as a standard. This can have a major impact on your strategy and customer relations. We will help you to:

  • Create valid, customer-focused strategies
  • Respond to your customer needs and maximise your potential
  • Reflect smartly on smart technologies
  • Secure appropriate information technologies and services which comply with the overall company strategy

Commodity trade and risk assurance

The significance of the energy market keeps increasing along with the higher global connectivity, production fragmentation and the number of market participants. The need for high flexibility in the area of purchase strategy has shown as crucial even from the perspective of financial and operational risk management. Moreover, we secure the implementation of modern technologies (e.g. blockchain) to increase the trading efficiency. Our services include:

  • Identification of opportunities for blockchain and digital technology application
  • Definition of the appropriate strategy, creation of clear policies for market behaviour that comply with your business strategy and level of risk acceptance
  • Alignment of your activities and development with the changes on the commodity market
  • Efficient risk assurance, consulting in the area of controls and risk management systems
  • Implementation of business processes and systems
  • Ensuring governance and compliance in the area of commodity markets

Market design

Functional and efficient design of markets is crucial for their operation; it must also keep up with the development in the area of digital or blockchain technologies. PwC provides consulting services with respect to the energy sector all over the world, including the regulatory issues, commodity market design, and adaptation to industrial changes. Our services include:

  • Analysis of the future design of commodity markets in compliance with technological progress
  • Forecasting and implementation of market changes
  • Consulting in the area of competitive relations
  • Evaluation of return on projects
  • System benchmarking
  • Analysis of compliance with regulatory requirements and proposal of adjustments to ensure the compliance

Trade funding

The current rate of continuous energy and utilities market transformation is unprecedented, which changes the face of the entire sector. Consolidation as well as the entry of new players, so called prosumers, is what drives the market; new strategic alliances are formed, convergence between sectors in increased. PwC services in this area include:

  • Ensuring beneficial deals and creation of value through partnership, alliances, mergers, and restructuring
  • Cooperation on creation of an overall strategy, value creation, negotiations with partners
  • Smooth execution of the arranged deal and identification of any variances and risks within the negotiation process
  • Design and implementation of changes leading to synergy, improvement and flawless integration across business partnerships
  • Ensuring detailed analysis of transaction risks across all kinds of contracts, preparation of a mitigation strategy with respect to these risk factors

Adaptation to crises

The current critical situation keeps changing from day to day; however, energy distributors need to plan months or even years ahead and they need to ensure the stability and flexibility of response to various scenarios. The Business Continuity is more important now than ever, and that is why PwC can help you to get ready for the changes in the field which take place due to the unprecedented pandemic situation:

  • We will arrange for planning of risk scenarios and response to them
  • We will enhance your resilience to financial or non-financial impacts
  • We will accelerate your digital transformation and path to automation
  • We will reflect the lessons learned during the pandemic in the way you operate
  • We will ensure the return of supply chain as well as internal processes to the pre-crisis times

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Michal Osladil

Michal Osladil

Energy & Utilities Leader, PwC Czech Republic

Tel: +420 737 264 063