About Us

We solve important issues for our clients both at the local and the international markets with the aim to support stability and promote trust within the entire society.

PwC Czech Republic is a member of the worldwide network of firms employing over 250 thousand people in 158 countries. We in PwC strive to build trust and find solutions to important issues within the entire society. We provide high-quality auditing, tax, legal and consultancy services, thus supporting our clients in achieving of their goals.

Our core values

We embrace the correct and fair behaviour, especially in difficult situations. High-quality work is a matter of course. We make decisions and act as if our personal reputation were in stake.

We take active interest in the future of the universe we are part of. We strive to purposefully influence and, together with our colleagues, knowingly create the surrounding world. We are ready to timely adjust to the ever-changing environment in which we carry out our activities.

We try to understand the specific characteristics and needs of every person. We acknowledge the unique value and merits of each individual. We support others in their development and work using such means that enable everyone to do their best.

Co-operation, exchange of contacts and knowledge and skills sharing improve our capabilities. We search for and support various viewpoints on issues, people, ideas and suggestions. We provide mutual feedback, which helps us and the others to improve.

Pushing boundaries and trying new things represent ever-present challenges to us. We innovate, test and learn from our mistakes. We are trying to get the most out of every idea and suggestion.





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