Automotive Industry

On a long-term basis, we provide our clients from the automotive industry with strategic consulting, system implementation, and services in the area of project management, auditing or taxes. Our regular customers include car manufacturers as well as

How PwC can help

Manufacturing and sales predictions

Our global automotive team consisting of nearly 5,000 professionals has over 25 years of experience with the analysis of changes in automotive markets from the EU through North and South America to China. We can prepare an analysis of the specific market and its particularities (including the Czech Republic, obviously), suggest recommendations and provide you with relevant data to support your decision-making in the automotive sector.

Industry transformation to e-mobility

We assist our clients in their adaptation to change brought by the transition to e-mobility – whether this includes the overall strategy, finding new markets or diversification of supply chains.

Preparation of sustainability strategy

Our team includes the PwC Centre of Excellence in Decarbonisation, which has international experience in reduction of greenhouse gases emitted from various industries such as the automotive sector.

Increasing flexibility of supply chain

The current times are challenged by new areas such as product development, supply chain securing, sustainability or regulatory issues. The way that companies can realise their profit in the automotive industry supply chain is also changing. Our experience and analytical data will help you to set a strategy that will rank your company among the successful and relevant automotive players even in the upcoming decade.

Improving operational efficiency

Organisational and technological tools and processes help to improve operational efficiency, flexibility, and thus result in reduced operating costs. We will help you to improve your competitive ability, to identify opportunities for growth of specific skills of your team, and to implement a company culture that will reward quality performance and excellence in the field.

The automotive industry is at the beginning of a new era which is likely to be marked by electromobility, smart connectivity or autonomous vehicles. Our team will support you in evaluation of the market trends, seeking new opportunities or implementation of digital transformation in your organisation. Moreover, our knowledge of the automotive sector is connected with strong expertise in the areas such as audit, tax or financial consulting.

Pavel Štefek

Leader PwC, Automotive Industry

Our services


Transition to sustainable entrepreneurship is a complex issue. There are no universal or quick solutions; as opposed to that, one must take a holistic approach and plan and apply strategically the specific steps which are to help to make your business greener as efficiently as possible. The crucial point is to implement sustainability in your short-term, medium-term and long-term strategic planning. Our team has broad experience with this process, acquired from projects for global as well as local clients.

  • Comprehensive sustainability business strategy
  • Responsible investment and finance
  • Non-financial reporting a SDGs
  • Carbon footprint
  • Decarbonisation
  • Supply chain
  • Associated tax and legal regulations


We help our clients with the automation and digitalisation of their key processes.

  • Digital strategy proposal
  • Company reporting
  • Integrated planning
  • Robotic automation
  • Use of artificial intelligence (AI) in process automation
  • Document drafting automation


We help enterprises from the private as well as public sector to find the answers to the essential questions of their future direction, to create and, subsequently, to realise a clear and unique strategy to reach their goals.

  • Business strategy
  • Company strategy
  • Transaction strategy
  • Market analysis
  • Value creation
  • Tailor-made projects

Cyber Security

We help our clients to solve any issues in the area of cyber security regardless of their scope. We can elaborate an end-to-end project, provide you with long-term “Security as a Service” or guide you through the complete transformation of your organisation’s cyber security. In the automotive field, we lay emphasis on the security of the entire projects as well as their individual components.

  • Information Security Management
  • Cyber Resilience
  • Threat Management
  • Security Engineering


  • Employer’s brand-building as a means of acquiring and keeping key workers
  • Strategic HR management
  • Internal job rotation and strategic workforce planning
  • Review and draft of a remuneration system according to the best market trends


We help our clients in their transition to e-mobility in the following areas:

  • Strategy
  • E-mobility and municipality
  • Grants
  • Seeking new markets
  • Change and diversification of supply chains
  • Link to ESG

Services for Importers and Dealers

  • Optimising and development of a dealer network
  • Review of dealership and proposals to increase its efficiency – stock management, funding, profitability analysis, sales processes
  • Investigation of potential fraud in the dealer network
  • Increase of revenues and profitability in after-sales
  • Regeneration and restructuring of problematic dealerships
  • Independent review and optimisation of importer sales processes
  • Consulting services in the area of VAT, income tax and other taxes applicable in the Czech Republic as well as abroad, duties on exported and imported vehicles and spare parts

Productivity and Profitability

  • Strategic, organisational and process transformation of the company
  • Changes to organisational structure
  • Implementation of integrated planning – aligning finance, sales and operating functions
  • Supply chain management
  • Improved performance of strategic and operative procurement, seeking new contractors and negotiation
  • Support in the selection of location of new manufacturing capacities – taking into consideration the existing infrastructure and human resources within the region, but also the investment incentives and tax exemptions available
  • Support of innovative processes and improvements of company culture
  • Establishing financial processes and controls 

Tax Consulting

  • Value added tax
  • Income tax and other taxes applicable in the Czech Republic as well as abroad
  • Duties on exported and imported vehicles and spare parts

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