Strategy Consulting

We help companies find answers for the most crucial questions of their future direction and create a clear and unique strategy for the achievement of their goals. We have extensive experience in a broad range of industries of both the commercial and public sector, and we assist you not only with their creation of an optimal strategy, but with its execution as well.

Corporate Strategy

Strategic analysis of the company including a performance and market position analysis

  • We conduct a comprehensive strategic analysis of your company through detailed analyses of the relevant external environment (macroeconomic factors, market environment, and competitive environment) and internal environment, including the company resources and capabilities.
  • We identify the key factors for the success of your company and define your competitive advantage.

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Definition of a vision and a mission

  • Formulation of a clear and understandable mission and an ambitious but attainable vision is the necessary first step for the creation and implementation of a successful growth strategy, as a well-formulated mission and vision give the company a clear direction and help the employees focus on their long-term goals during the implementation process.
  • We help you clearly define a suitable mission and a brief, attainable but ambitious vision, which will reflect your goals and will guide you in the execution of your strategy. 

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Growth strategy development

  • Based on a strategic analysis of your company, we identify the key strategic opportunities for profit growth in your company. We help you assess these opportunities and select the most suitable ones for your company to pursue.
  • We formulate, plan and monitor strategic initiatives supporting the growth of your company.
  • We assist you in finding answers to these crucial questions:
    • What are the key strategic opportunities my company has? What future development of the market and competitive environment am I anticipating?
    • How can I best lead my company in the given period?
    • How can I reduce the risks that my company is facing?

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Business model and business plan definition

  • We help you define a sustainable, competitive business model and build for it an ambitious but realistic business plan based on a thorough understanding of the market as well as your company and its competitive advantage.
  • We identify and suggest the changes to implement in your company’s business model and its operations in general to improve its profitability and competitiveness.

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Corporate strategy implementation

  • The implementation of a corporate strategy is a crucial step in the whole strategy process. We assist you in all stages of the implementation of your strategy.
  • We help you set up a time plan of the implementation, set up processes for the measurement of results and progress monitoring, and we help you create a strategy of internal and external communication of changes before initiating these changes.

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Evaluation of the strategy of public enterprises

  • Strategic analysis and planning is highly relevant not only for private enterprises, but for public institutions and state-owned companies as well.
  • Thanks to our extensive expertise in the provision of consulting services to entities in the public sector, we are able to support not only private, but also public institutions and companies in relevant analyses and the creation and subsequent implementation of a strategy.

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Assistance in market entry

  • We support you in decisions concerning leveraging new markets through the revision of market size, growth potential, and regulatory and competitive environment.
  • We quantify potential commercial opportunities (by measuring their profitability), we help with operational planning and with the selection of business models most suitable for entering the selected new markets.
  • We identify and evaluate acquisition targets on the market (their products, internal capabilities, customer spectra) and we assess the sustainability of their market position.

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Strategic Transaction Consulting

Acquisition strategy definition

  • Acquisitions are a popular but demanding growth strategy both in the planning stage and in the realization stage. We help you successfully execute the acquisition via the creation of a detailed acquisition strategy.
  • In the first stage, we analyse and assess your company, the markets it is active in, and the markets in which it is considering the acquisition.
  • In the second stage, based on the conducted analysis, we define possible options of a strategic direction and investment theses. We help you select the best option and identify the most suitable acquisition targets on its base. We help you create an attractive proposition for your acquisition targets and a communication strategy towards your company internally, towards potential targets and towards the public.

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Commercial due diligence

  • When a company or a private equity fund plans to take over another company, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of the current and planned performance of the target company.
  • In such cases, PwC provides a Report on Commercial Due Diligence, which includes a comprehensive revision of business plans of the target company in the context of expected market and competitive conditions.
  • Thanks to close cooperation with our experts on financial and operational due diligence, the conclusions of our reports give a comprehensive view of the planned transaction.

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Definition of an investment story for the entry of a strategic or financial investor into a company

  • We conduct in-depth analyses of your company, internal resources and capabilities, its competitive advantage and the external market and competitive environment.
  • Based on the analyses conducted, we help you create a clear investment story for a potential financial or strategic investor in such manner that it reflects the interests and needs of your company but at the same time is sufficiently interesting and attractive for the investor.

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Business plan attainability analysis

  • We conduct independent assessments of business plans of your company or a potential acquisition target.
  • We evaluate past results of the company and its future growth potential in the context of its resources and capabilities, the market environment and the expected developments of the competitive environment.

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Program and Project Management

Project management

  • We provide comprehensive assistance with the management of your projects, from the definition of project goals, through the choice of tools and ways of working, to the creation of methods for achieving success.
  • We help you define suitable project goals – we create fundamental project guidelines including setting clear goals, defining individual project roles and responsibilities and setting the time requirements of individual tasks.
  • We select the best methods and tools of working – we define methods of communication and its subsequent project coordination, we conduct project coordination towards external and internal project participants, and we oversee change management.
  • We help ensure the success of your project – we identify, regularly monitor and report project risks, suggest plans to mitigate the risks, we lead regular meetings with the project sponsor about the current status and development of the project.

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Project office implementation

  • We help you implement the principles of project management into the execution of projects in your company.
  • We help you create the technical tools of project management needed to ensure the highest possible quality of project execution.

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Management of transformation projects and company mergers

  • We have experience with the management of extensive transformation and merger projects. We provide comprehensive project management in all phases of transformation projects.

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Marketing Consulting Services

Marketing strategy creation

  • Insufficient growth and an increasingly complex environment of digital media represent an opportunity for the employment of marketing as a strategic tool supporting the growth of a company.
  • Based on in-depth analyses of your company and external factors, we create a comprehensive marketing strategy allowing to differentiate against competitors and to support the organic growth of the company. We use all available data to gain an in-depth understanding of the customer, which we then help you transform into the development of new products, services or a business strategy as such, ready for implementation.

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Brand audit

  • Brand audit impartially evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of a brand and defines its vision, meaning what the brand intends to be towards its customer in order to contribute to fulfilling overall company goals. It is a necessary step to build a strong brand which is able to promise the customer specific characteristics and experience and then fulfil them in the stage of product or service experience.
  • We assess the company’s market position (mission, vision, values, organizational structure, business model, financial performance etc.) and we independently assess the key elements of the brand.
  • We define the vision of the brand and we create a detailed plan to achieve it.

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Assessment and design of brand positioning

  • The definition of a brand position from the point of view of customer perception needs to take into consideration its strengths and weaknesses as well as its competition. That is the necessary requirement for success in today’s over-communicated environment. The definition of a differentiating position of a brand in the competitive environment thus increases demand for the products and services of the company, which then enables it to charge higher prices, generate larger sales volumes, or both.
  • We analyse the current position of a brand within the perception of consumers, we define the position that the brand aspires to own, and we assess who the brand competes for the position with. We recommend an allocation of the required resources, adjustments of current brand communication and a proposed brand positioning within the competitive context.

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Brand architecture

  • Brand architecture defines the role of individual brands in the portfolio of a company and how these brands contribute to fulfilling the business and marketing strategy goals.
  • A correct positioning of the individual brands within the brand architecture improves the perception of the company by consumers; it maximizes the contribution of individual brands as well as the company as a whole against the competition.
  • We conduct an analysis of the position of individual brands in the overall portfolio. We assess the perception of the individual brands of the company by consumers, their position and role within the portfolio and how they respond to consumer needs. We suggest the most suitable brand architecture in the context of the overall business and marketing strategy.

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Communication strategy

  • An analysis of communication channels gives the company a recommendation on how, why and which communication channels to invest in efficiently. A correct configuration of communication channels helps the company increase the return on its investments into marketing campaigns, as only the most effective channels will be used with regard to reaching the consumer.
  • Through data analysis and consumer interviews, we assess the current communication channel mix of the company, the effectiveness of promotion messages, the impact on consumer journeys and brand perception.

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Social media presence strategy

  • Company social media presence strategy defines the role of the company in relation to those of its customers actively using these technological and communication platforms. A correct use of social media helps the company gain relevant insights from specific customer groups, support their brand awareness, provide better customer support and thus grow company revenues.
  • We assess the current use of social networks by the consumers, including the analysis of the technological platforms currently used by the company, their intended role in the consumer journey and their effectiveness in achieving the goals set.
  • We suggest a suitable strategy of social media presence for your company and evaluate the economic impact of the given measures.

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Setting the process for marketing investment evaluation

  • Setting a process for the evaluation of marketing investments allows the company to quantify their impact on sales and subsequently increase their effectiveness. The use of econometric and financial-analytical tools quantifies the impact of marketing investments on sales and offers an opportunity to optimize the overall marketing budget for its increased effectiveness.
  • We analyse the current approach to marketing investment evaluation and we recommend the optimal setting of the process of return on marketing investment evaluation for the purpose of optimizing your marketing investments by their effectiveness in the context of your marketing strategy.

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Increasing Sales Effectiveness

New product/service market introduction strategy

  • A strategy for the introduction of a new product or service to the market defines the steps for the introduction of a value proposition of a new offer to target customers in the given markets. The creation of a strategy allows for a pragmatic view on the real customer expectations, possibilities of the market and operational capabilities with regard to the introduction of the new offer and the subsequent process leading to a successful realization of the strategy.
  • We conduct an analysis of the relevant market segment and their prioritization, and an analysis of the target customer group.
  • We design the value proposition of the product or service, so that it responds to the end customer preference and the company’s operational abilities, as well as an optimal distribution strategy and sales channels, and a harmonization of the brand promise and the product offer with the target market and sales channels.

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Product strategy

  • We help you achieve sustainable competitiveness by adjusting your offer to the requirements of your customers.
  • For this purpose, we analyse your offer and the offers of your competitors (prices, products, sales support), we conduct a consumer segmentation and profiling and we discuss the impact of the proposed changes on current business operations.

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Consumer journey analysis

  • An analysis of the key factors of a consumer journey from the point of view of the company provides a new view of the decision making process of the consumer and identifies areas for improvement of company performance. It gives a novel view of the decision making process of the consumer regarding the purchase of a product or services, whereby areas of company processes and activities which offer a space for improvement are identified.
  • We develop a conception of the consumer journey and we identify company processes and other areas that require a deeper analysis in order to improve performance of the company.

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Customer motivation analysis and product portfolio assessment

  • A correctly defined customer segmentation gives an in-depth view of the customer and identifies his specific needs necessary for an objective assessment of the product portfolio. An effective customer segmentation is an elementary input for all processes of strategic marketing, from the definition of the key product elements for the given customer segment to its targeted communication using relevant communication channels.
  • We collect and analyse customer data and identify the forgotten and unsatisfied customers. We then assess the attractiveness of the company’s product portfolio by individual customer segment, as well as the market potential of individual segments.

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Customer satisfaction analysis

  • An analysis of customer satisfaction qualitatively assesses the current characteristics of your company’s products and services, and suggests changes necessary to increase their attractiveness as needed.
  • We analyse the impact of customer satisfaction in relation to various attributes of the product and service, and we analyse the perception of individual characteristics of the given products and services.
  • We suggest and validate a conception of adjustments of the attributes of selected products or services to increase customer satisfaction.

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Preferential analysis

  • Preferential analysis qualitatively examines the response of customers to the key aspects of a product with the goal of suggesting such alternatives that considerably increase its attractiveness in the eyes of the customer. An adjustment of the product or service to the desires and needs of the end customer increases its attractiveness on the market, which then positively impacts the company’s revenues.
  • We analyse the internal attributes of a product and we examine customer reactions to their various alternatives.
  • We assess selected items from the product portfolio on the basis of customer insights and we propose adjustments of selected attributes for individual products and services.

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Approach to generations Y and Z strategy

  • An adjustment of the product portfolio and communication of a company to the new values of generations Y and Z creates prerequisites for securing consumer demand not only in the present, but also in the future, and at the same time it creates a significant competitive advantage.
  • We conduct a comprehensive analysis of the behaviours, needs, wants and motivations of the company’s customers among generations Y and Z and we evaluate the relevance of the company’s product portfolio attributes based on the insights gathered.
  • We propose a strategy of an optimal approach to generations Y and Z, including a modification of the product portfolio, a proposal of communication channels, an approach to improve customer recommendations etc.

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Customer experience diagnosis and design

  • Customer experience is a decisive factor for sustaining customer loyalty and a strong company name. Because of that, it is necessary to design company processes in line with the expectations of customers.
  • We assess the current state of customer experience and analyse the internal and external factors influencing this current state.
  • We design a customer experience in line with the strategy and brand of your company, together with quantifying the economic impacts of the implementation of the suggested changes on the business plan of the company.

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Customer recommendation analysis

  • A customer recommendation analysis allows to divide customers into segments based on their personal level of support for the brand, which then enables the company to set an individual approach to each of the segments and to decide which customers to invest in with the greatest return.
  • We segment your customers by their level of customer recommendation with an emphasis on an understanding of the rational and emotional side of customer behaviour in this regard.
  • We create a proposal of an individual approach to each of the customer segments, together with an assessment of an economic impact of the preferred approaches.

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Multichannel strategy

  • A multichannel strategy proposes an effective setup of sales channels with the goal of enhancing accessibility of products to as many customers as possible through their preferred channel. An optimally designed multichannel strategy improves the availability of the entire product portfolio and helps the company reach higher revenues.
  • We analyse the current position of individual sales channels and their usage by customers, and we assess the possibility of employing online selling and mobile technologies.
  • We design an optimal multichannel strategy with the goal of offering the end customer a consistent purchase experience across all channels, and we quantify the expected impact of the proposed changes.

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Customer loyalty approach assessment and loyalty program benefit assessment

  • The level of customer loyalty in repeated purchases varies widely, which is why it is necessary to define individual approached to individual customer segments in this regard. A correct design of loyalty programs reflects in increased customer loyalty, which has a positive impact on the company’s revenues and profitability.
  • We analyse the current level of customer loyalty support in your company and we segment customers by their loyalty, including an assessment of their economic benefit for the company.
  • We design an approach to individual customer segments based on their loyalty and we assess the economic model of the loyalty program, including a recommendation for goal achievement.

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Strategy Consulting Related to Digital Transformation

Company strategy creation in the field of digital transformation

  • We analyse your company’s current position related to its sector focus, competitive environment and other factors.
  • Subsequently, we assess the development of digitization and the technological aspect in the business and we create a strategy for digital transformation together with the involvement of PwC’s Technology Consulting team.

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Company strategy feasibility analysis in the field of digital transformation

  • We assess the readiness of the client organization for the market development phase, we take into account alternative scenarios, and we confirm the strategy and goals set with the involvement of PwC’s Technology Consulting team. We assess the readiness of the organization in the technological aspect, including the selection of suitable technologies for the specific client, taking into account its current technology platform.

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Regular revision of the strategy and goals with regard to the development of technologies and the market

  • We regularly revise and adjust the strategy and its goals based on the development of available technologies and the market.
  • We take into account new developments and adjust the project’s KPIs as needed.

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