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We connect the world of business with technologies from design to implementation.



We design and implement changes in our clients’ companies


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Petr Ložek, managing partner at Technology Consulting

We help our clients: 

  • Use new methods for serving their own clients in a friendly, multichannel way, by utilizing CRM and Data Analytics.
  • Examine new ways to conduct business through piloting and prototyping.
  • Increase internal efficiency through process automation, robotization, and digitalization of documents.

We bring modern technologies into the specific environment of your company - from strategy to implementation.


We evaluate the current status, functionality, and processes associated with your current corporate application infrastructure. We discuss your priorities, and business objectives and develop a long-term IT strategy that will help you achieve your business goals.
Through digital transformation, we will change the way your company operates from a business, operations, and production perspective. We will help you transform your company so that it can satisfy the demanding needs of today's customers.

IT Strategie - obrázek
Our philosophy is that a modern IT department is a key business partner, as it has an active role in defining the business strategy and is essential to its successful execution.

Within IT strategy we...

  • Define how to configure the IT organization and processes in line with the business strategy of the company.
  • Create IT strategies (organization, processes, people, architecture, infrastructure) and help implement them.
  • Help introduce new development methodologies such as Agile and DevOps, even in large and complex IT organizations.
  • Identify and realize the potential to increase IT efficiency in terms of delivery pace and costs.
  • Introduce modern IT architecture (SOA, microservices, Open API).
  • Propose how to take advantage of XaaS (Cloud and SW) in the specific context of the company.
  • Help select the ideal supplier of IT services, solutions, or infrastructure.

Digitální transformace - obrázek
In collaboration with worldwide experts from PwC Digital, we help local companies orient themselves in the digital world, understand the new expectations of their customers, and determine how they can continue to successfully grow their business.

Within Digital Transformation we...

  • Create innovative digital business models and analyze their real potential.
  • Define a transformational roadmap and help turn it into reality.
  • Help create a culture of innovation and set up an innovation processes.
  • Propose how to efficiently integrate a digital agenda into the corporation (marketing, customer care, operations, IT).
  • Optimize internal processes and costs by using new technology.
Rapid Prototyping - obrázek
With our clients, we create next generation solutions. We combine innovation with technology, creativity with business knowledge, and a start-up approach with the reliability of a large corporation.

Within Rapid Prototyping we…

  • Innovate existing and design new products and services by using "Design Thinking" and "Customer-focus" methods.
  • Identify the key factors for attracting and acquiring customers within the context of business operations, and propose new solutions.
  • Connect new technology and business innovation - we create new generation solutions.
  • Look at the broad context - we are a team of UX designers, SW architects, digital and business experts.
  • Believe in an iterative and agile approach - solutions are developed and changed daily - clients are an integral part of our team.
  • Deliver a "Mock-up" prototype within 5 days, and a functional prototype within 10.



As a system integrator, we will be your partner throughout the change of your application portfolio; we will help you with all types of tasks - from new system integration all the way to fundamental transformations of your core systems.
Our Business Intelligence consultants will prepare a solution for data collection and complex data analysis and help you answer your questions regarding the performance of your company, understand the behaviour patterns of your customers and propose the right approach on how to effectively work with them.
By linking our knowledge of system integration and our experience with data and customer relationship management, we can deliver a modern CRM solution that caters to the new needs and technologies that your customers demand.

Systémová integrace - obrázek
We are fully responsible for delivering a new FinTech solution and complete change of the loan underwriting process in one of the largest banks in the Czech Republic.


Within System Integration we...

  • Provide a complete solution - from initial analysis through development to implementation.
  • Assure integration with existing application architecture.
  • Prepare the business for change.
  • Manage all 3rd parties engaged in the delivery.
  • Share the risks of implementation.


Business Inteligence - ikona
We deliver new solutions built on the largest BI system in the Czech Republic.

In Business Intelligence we...

  • Gather business requirements.
  • Analyze source data.
  • Implement data flows and data transformations.
  • Deliver analytical outputs to users.
  • Implement applications based on the BI platform.
  • Prepare organizations and processes for managing data and information.

CRM - obrázek
We designed and delivered a new community portal built on the Salesforce platform for a client in healthcare.

Within CRM we...

  • Provide the complete delivery from initial analysis through configuration to deployment.
  • Build solutions on the cloud as well as on on-premise platforms.
  • Provide complete UX design.
  • Provide integration to other systems in the application portfolio.
  • Develop tailor-made components for CRM platforms.
  • Design and implement new processes and organizational structures, in a way that enables our client to take full advantage of their CRM platform.
  • With the help of our Data Analysts, we prepare statistical models for optimal work with your clients.




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