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We connect the world of business with technologies – from design and strategy to its successful realisation and operation

How PwC can help

1. Strategy

Are you planning a major change in your company direction? Are you creating a new product, service or innovating your business model? We will help you with setting your priorities, determining your business goals and meeting your clients’ needs. Together we will elaborate a strategy that will help you to accomplish your business goals efficiently.

2. Realisation

We don’t want our work to remain just on paper or in presentations. We are ready to roll up our sleeves and to start realising your desired strategy. In the role of a system integrator, an expert in Business Intelligence or a digital guru, we will help you to realise minor changes as well as major transformations and assist you in their effective management.

3. Operation

No need to worry that we will leave you once our collective transformation journey is over. On the contrary, we will assist you with the operation of your new solution so that you can meet the demanding expectations of today’s customers. We will arrange a team, training or even the entire operation of the complete solution in the SaaS mode.

Our team has gained experience from several hundreds of technological and transformation projects all over the world. That’s why we can offer a vision and a perspective that couldn’t be acquired elsewhere and applied in your business.

Petr Ložek

Partner, PwC Technology Consulting

Project type

Digital transformation

  • We help companies to find their bearings in the digital world, to understand their clients’ new expectations, and we define ways for their successful development and transformation of their business into the digital environment. This is all done interactively, using rapid prototyping, so that we can verify the actual business potential right away. “Mock-up" prototype is supplied within two weeks; functional one within eight weeks.

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • We have broad experience in the sales or mergers of large multinational companies from the perspective of business as well as system integration. We will be happy to prepare client migration for you, to propose internal processes, and to adapt both organisations to the change. We will ensure project management, preparation of data and system migration, proposal of the target application architecture and the communication with all the participants.

New business models and opportunities

  • Along with our multi-disciplinary team, we take part in creating new business opportunities. We have helped to found a new digital bank for our Central European market and we are now using this experience in a similar project within the Czech banking sector. We always make sure that our customer’s satisfaction comes first, yet keeping in mind our years of experience with the BXT approach.

Cross-regional studies and projects

  • For several years, we have been conducting a comparative study of digital skills of banks from the Central or South-eastern Europe with the focus on digital sales of bank products and their subsequent digital operation. We can also assess mobile banking or insurance applications with respect to their functionality, design and user-friendliness. Our global company network allows us to acquire benchmark for you from practically any kind of market.

Business Intelligence

  • New solutions supplied by us are based on a BI platform of your choice, from strategy design to its execution. We collect business requirements, analyse the source data and implement data flows. We transform data and supply the end analytical outcomes for users. We can also implement applications based beyond the BI platform or prepare the organisation or processes concerning data and information management.

Cloud transformation

  • We cover a wide range of services, including strategy definition, architecture design, elaboration of an implementation roadmap or the actual supply of the proposed solution. Your cloud environment can be optimised, secured while reducing the costs of its operation. Our Czech team combines its experience with the global expertise of PwC and our own tools which enable a higher quality of implementation as well as the operation of the cloud.

OUR APPROACH: Business, user eXperience, Technologies (BXT)

In order to meet the demanding expectations of today’s customers, we try to combine three different perspectives for each of our projects. It’s not only about accomplishing the hard business goals. We want to bring the 100% UX to our clients and thus to ensure the efficient use of modern technologies. Our unique BXT approach allows us to provide our clients with such solutions that combine innovations with technologies, creativity with business know-how, and also a work style of startups combined with the reliability of large corporations.



We focus on commercial success, identify suitable opportunities on the dynamic market, pilot and prototype new business models.


User (UX)

We understand our clients, their needs and goals, and bring interesting and intuitive solutions that we keep trying and testing interactively and in an agile way.



We implement modern technologies suitable for the given business goal and customer segment, increase the internal efficiency through automation, robotisation and digitalisation.

Other services


Petr  Ložek

Petr Ložek

Lead Partner, Consulting, PwC Czech Republic

Tel: +420 724 258 609

Petr Chadima

Petr Chadima

Partner, Technology Consulting, PwC Czech Republic

Tel: +420 777 047 953

Vojtěch Till

Vojtěch Till

Partner, Technology Consulting, PwC Czech Republic

Tel: +420 608 068 522

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