Family business services

We will make sure that you reach your long-term family business goals, including the protection and move of your business into the hands of the next generation. Due to our long-term cooperation with family business owners, we are aware of the particularities of intergenerational business.

How PwC can help

Succession planning in family businesses

We will assist you with succession planning and handing over the reins to your children. We will help you to establish the legal structure and the unspoken rules of your family business. We will appoint the suitable family members for the board and managerial roles, hiring external professionals as necessary. We will make sure that the succession is transparent and realisable and perceived by your children as fair.

Family finance of the future

We will help you to proceed with digital transformation and replace your paper office with a tailored solution including elements of robotisation and automation, which will save your time and money. We will help you to manage your cash flow and to identify ways how to find funding for the future development of your business. We will assist you with efficient allocation of your funds and with their adaptation to your long-term business strategy.

Change of ownership structure or selling of the business

We will answer any of your questions concerning M&A, company sale or entering capital markets. We will prepare marketing materials for you, approach the right investors, ensure a thorough audit of your company, assist you in negotiations, and provide complex consulting services with respect to the elaboration of your sales documentation.

Comprehensive consulting services for family businesses

Not only do our specialists in the area of audit, taxes, law, accounting, business and technology consulting services work for multinational corporations, but they also help Czech family businesses. We will arrange for an audit or taxes as well as other services which will allow you to devote the maximum amount of your time and energy to the actual business and to leave the other matters up to experienced professionals.

We aim to provide long-term support to family businesses, as they constitute the driving force of Czech economy. We seek new opportunities for them and intend to make the names of successful Czech entrepreneurs recognised across the globe.

Petr Kincl

PwC leader of family business services

Our services

Succession planning/handing over the business

  • We will design a family constitution for you (basic “soft” parameters)
  • We will assist you in setting out the managerial roles of your family members
  • We will have involved external managers as necessary
  • We will help you to set out the legal structure of your family business – trust vs. holding vs. foundation
  • We will design succession rules (testament, agreement of heirs, legacy, etc.)

Finding potential buyers or investors and arranging for the sale of your business

  • We will identify key areas of value creation and potential issues
  • We will provide you with consulting services aimed to increase your business value and to minimise or eliminate risk arising from any problematic areas
  • We will design an appropriate strategy for the sale of your business
  • We will identify perspective investors who could be interested in your business
  • We will prepare a presentation of your company, approach potential investors, find out how seriously they are interested in investing in your company
  • We will arrange for the complete legal documentation, including its negotiation and conclusion

Pre- and post-acquisition services in the area of finance

  • We will help you to set out the reporting and financial statements to ensure that all your reporting is correct, timely and error-free
  • We will recommend to you suitable tools based on RPA, set up technological interfaces (APIs) and map out your KPIs
  • We will align your accounting policies with the policies of the parent company and set up the appropriate bridging and mapping out of your financial statements
  • We will calculate and set the adjustments across various frameworks for your financial and management accounting and prepare financial statements
  • We will supply an e-solution to monitor complex accounting transactions, e.g. monitoring of leases according to the IFRS 16 reporting
  • We will assist you in carrying out the acquisition accounting and in identifying any missing disclosures in your financial statements
  • We will help you to find temporary HR workers to your Finance Function

Continuous services to ensure regulatory compliance

  • We will provide for the statutory audit of your financial statements prepared by our specialists in the relevant fields
  • We will provide consulting services with respect to any tax issues and help you to fill out all tax declarations, including assistance in resolution of any dispute with the Tax Office
  • We will provide you with continuous legal advice (corporate, contractual, employment or regulatory issues) to suit your needs

Digital transformation of finance, accounting and reporting

  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses of your finance department, accounting and reporting, benchmarking of market trends
  • We will design a plan to simplify and set out processes ensuring the digitalisation of your finance and accounting – get rid of papers, tables and manual tasks
  • We will help you to set out your managerial reporting including key KPIs and their visualisation
  • We will ensure efficient reporting thanks to the acceleration and automation using the RPA
  • We will assist you with setting out and improving the process quality of budgeting and selection of appropriate software platforms

Cash flow & liquidity management

  • We offer a solution providing an overview of your liquidity management and working capital and providing the prediction of future cash flows
  • This solution will be tailored and fully integrated into your key systems