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A unique opportunity to grow, learn, and change the world around us

Why work at PwC?

We invest in your future

We will teach you things you may not know yet. We will give you space to grow at your own pace reflecting you career progress. You will learn from experts in the field and cooperate on significant global projects both locally and abroad.

We are experts

Working with us will enable you to work with the latest technologies and become familiarised with various fields from business and public administration to non-profit organisations. We choose only the best ones; that’s why your work experience will be top-class and professional. We work with top clients and let ourselves be inspired by them.

We are confident in our abilities and the work we do

At our company, we build trust. To do so, we start by trusting ourselves. We call each other by our first names and the dress code is casual, so you can keep your tie in your wardrobe almost all the time, depending on circumstances. We will draw you into a varied team of colleagues whom you can rely on. You will work on projects that make sense.

We respect your time and hobbies

Our business is a people business, that’s why we care about our people: about their minds as well as their physical condition. If the standard holiday time is not enough for you, we offer the possibility to use your benefit points to pay for extra days so you can get more time off to relax. You can enjoy travelling, play softball in the first league or start a family without any worries. What do you need in order to do that? A powerful ultrabook, iPhone, and a wide range of interesting benefits.

Graduate Careers

Investing in the development of our graduate and junior colleagues and providing them with valuable experience and opportunities for continuous professional growth has always been the key driver of PwC’s success. By joining PwC you will gain an all-access pass to an accelerated career and a chance to become a true expert in your desired field of interest.

Graduate Career opportunities cover a majority of market verticals and an ever-growing portfolio of services, including Assurance (Audit), Tax, Legal, Advisory (Consulting) and Technology. Explore our Graduate Careers and discover where your talent could take you.

Career Opportunities



Experienced professional Careers

At PwC, we welcome professionals in all stages of their career. We offer a wide range of opportunities in Assurance, Tax & Legal services, Advisory and Technology as well as Internal Firm Services.

As an employer, we appreciate that personal time is of great value, especially to busy professionals. We are committed to providing a modern working environment of a leading Professional Services company while offering maximum flexibility and top-quality technology to ensure that, even at a senior level, your time can be spent on what really matters.


Internship Opportunities

Whether you have passion for the world of Finance and Economics, Business, Law or even Technology - Choose the closest to your heart and start working on projects with a real impact! PwC welcomes all university students, regardless of their field of study to explore our Internship Opportunities.
As a company, we value innovative ideas and provide every chance to realise your full potential. As an employer, we understand working while studying is at times challenging. Therefore, each Internship can be tailored to fit the needs and expectations of all parties involved.

I want to start an internship

Adapt your working time to your needs.

Use the possibility to learn from experts and become one of them.

Experience will give you much more than school theory. Come to work at PwC and learn about the business world right from its centre.

What do we do at PwC?

Audit (Assurance)

Reliable accounting and financial information is the foundation of quality management. In times of growth or crisis, our clients can rely on the fact that we will keep them informed about everything they need to know.

We offer students Trainee Programmes that lasts of up to three years in Prague, Brno and Ostrava starting from November each year. Graduate Careers in Prague, Brno and Ostrava in financial audit start in September or October each year.

Experienced professionals are welcomed any time during the course of the year.

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Each business decision affects taxes. Choosing a good tax advisor gives companies an assurance that they will not pay more taxes than they have to. Or that they will not pay less than they should.

As an intern or a consultant in our tax department, you can specialise in direct taxes, indirect taxes or foreign business trips. Job opportunities for students and graduates in Prague and Brno start every September. Experienced tax advisors are welcomed any time during the course of the year.

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We do the law as well as the business

How different is PwC Legal from standard law firms? We offer a complete service under the same roof, consisting of all professional consultancy that the client needs: legal and tax consultancy, advice concerning mergers and acquisitions, forensic and analytical services, with all these services being integrated in one service offer.

We welcome students, graduates, and experienced professionals in our teams in Prague and Brno.

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Long-term success requires a long-term strategy and targets based on fixed values. In our Consulting teams, we help our clients to achieve this.

Being and intern or a consultant, you can specialise in transaction planning and execution, company finance and restructuring, or investigation and forensic services. Career opportunities in our Consulting teams are offered solely in Prague any time during the course of the year depending on the current demands of our projects.

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We connect the world of business and technologies all the way from the first idea to its successful realisation. We are our clients’ partners, leading them through the complex nature of business and technological transformation: whether we start at the beginning of this transformation and prepare the technological vision and strategy for our clients or whether we realise the given changes directly.

In our teams in Prague and Brno, we welcome new technology enthusiasts who are not afraid of creating something original every day.


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Who will deal with your enquiries?

Dora Marholdová
Assurance recruitment
(Financial audit and Technology recruitment)

Radim Pecháček
Advisory recruitment
(Consulting and Technology recruitment)

Eva Ungerman Brabcová
Tax and Legal recruitment
(Tax consulting and Legal services recruitment)

Barbora Bradáčová
Graduate and student recruitment

Where can you meet us?

You can look forward to our upcoming events in the winter semester of 2019/2020.
We will inform you about specific dates on time.

We wish you success in the upcoming exam period.

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Dora Marholdová

Assurance recruitment (Financial audit and Technology recruitment), PwC Czech Republic

Radim Pecháček

Advisory recruitment (Consulting and Technology recruitment), PwC Czech Republic

Eva Ungerman Brabcová

Tax and Legal recruitment (Tax consulting and Legal services recruitment), PwC Czech Republic

Barbora Bradáčová

Tax & Legal recruitment, Project Coordinator - Graduate recruitment activities, PwC Czech Republic

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