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We help organisations become efficient and successful by setting up their internal operations appropriately and by following the latest trends in the area of processes or HR. We make sure the companies are welcoming and fair towards all their employees and business partners.

How PwC can help

Data-based organisation management

We will help you understand how your organisation operates. We know the current trends in management, which will help us to set up a functional management system based on data rather than feelings or personal intuition.

Duplicity or missing processes

We will find the people who, without being aware of one another, work on similar issues with equal results across various departments. We will map out processes, propose optimisation from the perspective of finance, HR and risks; we will also help you to implement process changes.

Company culture and remuneration

We will set your relationships across the finance and HR departments, ensuring flexible, fair remuneration; we will also map out your organisational structure and make it more efficient. We will check your KPIs and establish your company culture in compliance with your expectations and the expectations of your employees.

Inefficient organisation and HR

We will carry out an audit of your HR and organisational processes and lead you and your employees through the process of company transformation. We will ensure an individual human approach responding to your needs and to the culture of your organisation.

Unbalanced working environment

We will assess whether your company strategy involves diversity and inclusion. We will verify whether the fluctuation in your company is caused by great differences in remuneration, low number of female managers or by a negative work environment.

Not only do we deal with HR, but we also take care of the entire company operation. We enjoy learning how companies operate both locally as well as worldwide, and passing on the know-how. We offer flexible responses to our clients’ problems, and our experience allows us to suggest changes leading to greater efficiency.

Andrea Linhartová Palánová

People & Organisation Leader

Our services

HR Data Consulting

  • Providing for an HR data analyst by means of bodyshopping or consulting

  • HR Controlling – organisation reporting, management and audit based on hard data

  • HR Healthcheck – reviewing the efficiency and “health” in the area of HR management

  • HR Dashboards – clear visualisation of all important HR indicators


Human Resources

  • Company transformation
  • Change management
  • Organisational structure and number of people in individual roles
  • Company optimisation
  • Process and personnel audit – “right people in the right places”

Process and Personnel Audit

  • Process-related mapping out, preparation of process map
  • Company optimisation from the perspective of finance, people and risks
  • Proposal of a new process map, revision, modification
  • Implementation/management of proposed changes
  • Process and organisational audit – “helping companies to be efficient”

Diversity & Inclusion

  • D&I Assessment – assessment of the diversity and inclusion maturity within the company
  • D&I strategy proposal and assistance in setting up specific goals
  • ESC – Equal Salary Certification 
  • D&I workshops – how to implement diversity in working environment


Andrea Linhartová Palánová

Andrea Linhartová Palánová

People & Organisation, PwC Czech Republic

Tel: +420 734 798 869

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