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Meeting the challenge through AI Governance and Compliance

Our Responsible AI team within the AI Centre of Excellence combines technical, legal, and business expertise to guide you through the complex topic of evolving technology and law. By providing both professional advice and managed services we will help you understand AI opportunities while also managing the associated risks.

By preemptively addressing technology risks, the PwC CZ team on Responsible AI delivers technology and governance solutions that ensure compliance, safeguard against negative publicity, and build trust in technology among key stakeholders, ensuring sustainable uptake and long-term use.

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What is the AI Act and what does it mean for your organisation?

The EU AI Act is a regulatory framework, which imposes requirements on AI systems to ensure they are safe. It is the first comprehensive framework to regulate AI in the world. It applies to AI provided, used or having an impact in the EU

The AI Act is expected to come into force by summer 2024 and various requirements will need to be complied with as they become applicable over the coming months.

Everyone across the AI value chain will be affected. Providers (producers), deployers (users), manufacturers of products incorporating AI, as well as importers and distributors of AI will need to comply with the AI Act.

Requirements depend on the risk category of AI use cases. The greater the potential impact of the AI in the intended use case, the stricter the requirements. For example, AI used in a recruitment process can have greater impact on individuals and can, therefore, be subject to greater requirements. Requirements cover how AI is developed, deployed and used, as well as how it is monitored and maintained.

Compliance with the AI Act will require a holistic end-to-end AI governance framework that allows you to triage AI projects by risk category, implement the appropriate steps for compliance at the right time, record compliance steps in an auditable manner and continuously review and improve governance to reflect new regulatory developments.

How can we help you?

We offer a comprehensive approach to achieve your AI goals by building customised end-to-end AI solutions with you, or enabling you to innovate responsibly by supporting your data governance, AI compliance, and risk management needs.

AI Strategy

An AI Strategy allows your organisation to align on what your future with AI should look like and how to get there, what your priorities are and what capabilities and use cases to invest in.

Preparation for Standardisation

A number of standards are developed around AI which can signify products of distinguished quality. The first of its kind is ISO 42001 for AI management, and other standards will follow.

Technology or Vendor Assessment

Assessing legal, safety or ethical impacts of AI systems or vendors can identify risks and mitigation strategies, facilitate selecting vendors or designing technology, and shaping your technical and organisational safeguards.

AI Governance and Compliance

AI governance is a structured approach to ensure AI systems you develop, procure and use meet your organisation’s quality and legal standards through clear processes, responsibilities and tools to manage associated AI risks.

Maturity Assessment & Gap Analysis

A maturity assessment allows you to identify where you are on your journey towards responsible and safe use of AI, or in your journey towards AI Act compliance.

AI Literacy

Upskilling your employees is a key part of embarking on a responsible approach to AI, by ensuring sufficient knowledge about AI, its risks, and the way to mitigate them in practice. We can help you upskill through tailored workshops, or one of our predefined workshop sessions. Let’s discuss how we can tailor the workshops to your company’s needs. Contact us for further details.

What benefits will AI compliance and a responsible approach to AI bring you?


New business opportunities

Learn from cutting edge innovation practices, demonstrate your excellence and use the quality of your work as a competitive advantage. Meet more stringent client expectations at home and abroad and reach underserved customer segments.


Faster and smarter innovations

Get it right before scaling up. Deploy reusable and customisable tools and procedures to expedite the adoption of AI applications. Innovate strategically and learn from the mistakes of others.


Future-proofing of your organisation

Ensure the longevity of AI innovations by designing with future laws and regulations in mind. Prepare your organisation by upskilling your teams, laying down procedures, and promoting a cultural change.


Spotting of risks before they happen, be accountable when they do

Be aware of local & national laws and regulations. Ensure risk management is part of every step of AI creation and use. Build transparency and end-to-end visibility of an AI project from data sourcing to model deployment and monitoring.

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PwC AI Compliance Tool

We’ve developed our own AI Compliance Tool to help you navigate the complex regulatory AI landscape of the EU’s AI Act. The tool will guide your technical, business, risk and compliance teams through the requirements of the AI Act while providing them with a single platform in which to cooperate and documenting the compliance of separate AI projects within your organisation.

Learn more about the tool

Case studies

Get inspired for your business by our case studies:


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Why entrust the solution to our team?

We have a team with 7+ years of experience specifically in the area of law, ethics and governance of AI, backed by our best-practice solutions: Responsible AI Toolkit, AI Act Maturity Assessment Questionnaire and AI Act Compliance Tool leveraging software to support compliance across your organisation in a decentralised manner.

Holistic capabilities across AI domains:


Model risk management and model validation specialists, data permissions, and access


Technology ethicists, lawyers, and contributors to global consortia


Strategic and technical expertise ranging from machine-learning engineers, model operations specialists, to data scientists


Privacy regulatory compliance, data protection and controls, data ethics


System protections, red teaming, information protection

Risk Management

Internal and external audit specialists, risks & controls

Change Management

Specialists to ease transitions and communicate new structures, procedures, and requirements

Data Management

Data governance specialists to achieve the full potential of your data

And we’re getting recognised for it:

PwC's Responsible AI Toolkit ranked
2020 World Changing Idea

PwC's Bias Analyzer selected
2021 Next Thing in Tech

PwC ranked
Leader for Data & Analytics Services

PwC recognized for outstanding achievement in Enterprise Adoption of AI and AI Ethics

PwC ranked as Marketscape Leader in World Wide AI services

PwC ranked
Leader for AI Consulting

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