Manufacturing and Industrial Products

Our experienced professionals understand the dynamic transition of manufacturing and industrial products and they are ready to help you to solve any local or global challenges you might be facing. PwC will help you to prepare a strategy in the area of sustainability and environmental protection, to increase your operational efficiency and reduce costs wherever possible.

How PwC can help

ESG and sustainability

Sustainability services provided by PwC help organisations to plan, acquire, supply, fund and measure the wide impact of their products and services. We help enterprises to realise their mandatory ESG reporting, increase their resilience to market volatility, establish a sustainability structure, detect an environmental or reputation risk and prepare an appropriate response.

Transformation and digitalisation

We help companies to respond to the more and more frequent innovation of products, manufacturing technologies, automation development and the necessary digitalisation associated with the Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things. We will help your company to go through digital transformation, save money, increase your product quality, operation flexibility, work productivity and employee satisfaction.

Tax services

Our team in the Czech Republic specialises in Czech and international taxation. We will offer you the services of specialists who are well aware of the local particularities and who have years of experience from abroad. Thanks to the global network of PwC, we can also get support by our colleagues from our foreign offices.

Rather than considering the ESG area as a threat or a necessary evil, along with our clients we try to perceive it as an opportunity to take the business, both technologically and ideologically, to the 21st century. This allows us to create and realise a strategy thanks to which our clients will stay relevant on the market even in the years and decades to come.

Martin Diviš

PwC Leader, Manufacturing and Industrial Products


Martin Diviš

Martin Diviš

Lead Partner, Tax and Legal Services, PwC Czech Republic

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