Digital Enablement

The future of your company is dependant on how well you handle digital transformation. Monetise your data, simplify processes and automate, as well as establish a paperless office. We can help you identify and take the right steps.

There are three steps you need to take, and the sooner, the better.


Get rid of paper.

We digitise contracts as well as all communication. Sign your documents electronically. Simplify your admin work. Do not waste time looking for information.

Get rid of tables.

Do not just store data, utilise it. Let data work for you - monetise it, run your operations based on the insights and make sense of data via visualisation. Do not second-guess yourself about what could have been changed through your data, but instead make better future decisions, but instead make better future decisions.

Get rid of manual work.

Let your employees work on tasks with added value and automate those tasks that are monotonous and repetitive. Or let robots do the work.

The goal of a transformation to a fully digital and automated company is not to save costs, but instead it is a means of survival and growth in today’s globalised and highly competitive environment.

Tomáš Kuča,Partner PwC

Each company is unique.
Which fields of expertise can we help you with to find your perfect solution?

Data & Information Management

What we do

  • Support clients to identify strategic themes, objectives and concrete priorities for overall management and derive value from data assets.

  • Help clients establish a strong data organisation, define roles and responsibilities and ensure that the overall data landscape is sustainable and operates efficiently.

  • Position and define the role of a Chief Data Officer, the organisational Data Office and services, activities and mandate of Data Governance programmes.

  • Build standards, policies and guidelines for working with data from analytics, reporting through to understanding data flows and lineage.

  • Training, educating and upskilling organisations on the topics of data as an economic asset, understanding data quality, metadata or master and reference data.

  • Ensure that clients have end-to-end data management set-up in a way that it supports the overall data objectives and vision of the organisation.

  • Help navigate the EU’s proposed Data Strategy and Governance Acts.


  • Decrease in manual effort and costs related to manual data shaping, remediating data quality errors and understanding data attributes.

  • Increased employee satisfaction (e.g. Data Analysts, BI Consultant, Operation teams) due to transparent and clean data and information landscape.

  • Introducing data catalogues and dictionaries helps clients build the overall data culture, increase shared understanding of data and create efficient ways of working.

Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Analytics

What we do

  • Help clients find opportunities in AI by setting up an appropriate strategy, building a standardised use case collection and prioritisation.

  • Identify the highest ROI use cases, piloting and developing Proof of Concepts and introducing innovative solutions that are scalable and tested.

  • Leverage methods may include natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning, data engineering, building digital twins or automated ML.

  • Develop and implement a range of solutions across all internal business functions and solutions (e.g. analytics, forecasting, predictive modelling, automation across Finance, Operations, Human Resources, etc.).

  • Advise clients on ethics and removing bias in AI by using PwC’s Responsible AI toolkit in line with the EU’s AI regulations.

  • Establish AI capabilities, organisations, roles and responsibilities and services offered including positioning teams in context of enterprise-wide data functions.

  • Becoming a strong partner for clients on the overall AI journey from defining the vision, through to building the capability and knowledge sharing.


  • PwC’s end-to-end approach towards data management and AI means clients are set up for the full AI journey across all pillars - People, Process Technology, which means building a sustainable, efficient and value-adding AI programme.

  • Our technical experts can guide clients through the early stages of pilots, PoCs and test concepts, gradually sharing knowledge and handing it over to internal AI teams.

  • Strong focus on business cases and ROI means clients can immediately see the financial impact of the introduced AI innovations.

Data Architecture

What we do

  • Help clients define and formulate their data strategy through a “translation” of business goals to data and system requirements.

  • Define the clients’ business needs and, on such a basis, we define a technological roadmap that is in line with the business strategy.

  • Focus on data architecture as part of a Data Governance strategy.

  • Implement technologies for data analysis. We build Data Warehouses and Data Lakes. 

  • Create complex Business Analytics in Cloud, which enables the fast processing and analysis of data.


  • We configure an ideal means of data storage, how it is shared across the company and systems.

  • Extraction and validation of data including the preparation of data models, which form the basis of a data-drive company.

  • Right interface for data consumers.

  • Data is viewed as a shared asset across the company.

  • Common vocabulary which enables a more fluid workflow.

  • Modern cloud-based architecture.

  • A clearer definition of data vision and data flows.

BI Solutions & Reporting

What we do

  • Use software and services for data transformation in order to obtain practical insights, which aid strategic and tactical business decisions.

  • Analyse data sets and present analytic insights with the help of BI solutions. 

  • With the help of various tools and available data, we derive suitable solutions and provide a fast and complex overview of your business, or part of it. 


  • Broad project experience portfolio obtained through the experience of multiple departments and technologies.

  • Wide base of experts, who know how to analyse a business environment, indicate areas of weakness, design an optimal approach and implement a flexible solution tailored to a specific client and their requirements.


What we do

  • Guide clients through the RPA process from the analysis of the clients’ processes all the way to final implementation, maintenance and monitoring.

  • Help clients with an automatic process analysis of entire departments. Starting with preparation, data collection, evaluation, visualisation and data interpretation. 

  • Design of possible solutions for a client  in the areas of process optimisation and automation.

  • We do not only implement RPA solutions, but we also help our clients with their problems with the aim of employee and customer satisfaction.



  • We bring solutions and provide missing resources through the automation of routine, repetitive tasks. 

  • We shorten the time needed to execute your tasks and increase the virtual working hours up to 24 hrs per day.

  • We standardise your processes along with RPA implementation.

  • We will be your partner in the given area, where you can rely on our technical expertise in the field of RPA, but also our overview across various areas.

  • We train the clients’ employees in basic RPA skills and best practices as well as keep you up to date with market trends.

Software Development

What we do

  • We design, develop and find customised solutions for various types of software, web applications, process automations such as RPA and Smart Solutions, which are supported by AI and visualisation technologies.

  • We create integrated, full-functional digital solutions from strategy and innovation to outputs which help solve complex client problems. 


  • PwC-developed solutions bring about great flexibility, custom pricing and simple tailored customisations according to specific requirements.

  • Broad PwC network enables the possibility to discuss problems and solutions with field experts across multiple departments and focus areas.

  • Strong business team which understands industry specifics.

  • Experienced development team with years of experience with projects of a multinational scale.

  • Agile approach to solution design management with the aim of fulfilling specific requirements.

  • Development of scalable and flexible solutions that can be integrated with third-party software.

  • Robust architecture design in accordance with the highest security standards, up to date regulations and best practices in the industry.

  • Focus on cloud and digital transformation.

Cloud Transformation

What we do

We provide clients with services and consultations in the areas of the first adoption of cloud technologies, as well as in the areas of analysis of already existing cloud environments if the client already has one established. We focus mainly on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Cloud Adoption:

  • Cloud strategy - creation of a strategy using cloud services based on client requirements and goals, evaluation of the possibilities of applying various cloud adoption architectures.

  • Business value assessment - initial evaluation of possibilities and advantages of a migration to the cloud environment, including a cost assessment of the cloud environment and migration.

  • Migration to cloud - consultation regarding the migration to the cloud of the environment and applications. Creation of migration strategies and environment architecture in the cloud and help with migration planning. 

Cloud environment analysis: 

  • Cloud optimisation - analysis of the optimisation possibilities of the cloud environment and evaluation of the effectiveness of cloud services. 


  • PwC network, which allows for effective cooperation regarding various cloud technologies.

  • Specialised team with practical experience with architecture design for cloud, cloud implementation and adoption.

  • Experience with implementation of cloud technologies into an existing infrastructure - hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud architecture.


What we do

We provide clients with consulting services in the areas of SAP ERP, which can be subdivided into the following 5 categories:

  • Strategic support with transformation to S4/HANA.

  • Design and implementation of SAP ERP solutions (SAP S/4HANA, SAP ECC, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Business One).

  • Business Intelligence, Analytics, Reporting and financial planning (mainly SAP Analytics Cloud, Data Warehouse in Cloud, SAP BW a SAP HANA).

  • Cyber Security of SAP ERP, IT management and business risks, authorisation concept setting.

  • App development and tailored solutions (SAP Fiori, ABAP, SAP UI5).


  • Our solutions always take the business requirements into account and join them with the IT aspect.

  • Partner with an independent point of view.

  • Broad knowledge of various industries and technologies besides SAP.

  • Account, tax and finance specialisations.

  • Focus on return on investment and consulting on the basis of “best business practices”.

Document Automation

What do we do?

  • Through automation we help the client solve lengthy and routine document preparation processes.

  • Create standardised smart templates, which significantly eliminate the risk of critical manual errors as well as enable faster processing. We support workflows, which concisely determine user roles in document creation and approval.

  • Enable the sharing, revising, evaluating and signing of automated documents in real time and online.

  • Integrate automated documents with other systems through the help of an API environment through which we ensure that the entered data is correct without the need of manual inputs and necessary reviews.


  • Document automation helps you save time and resources, not only through document creation, but also through its revision and approval. 

  • Document and contract quality where the text has a considerable influence on the meaning of the document is substantially improved. 

  • Your documents will be transformed into data, which can be used for inspection or analysis.

  • Entire paperless operation through the help of electronic signatures.

All companies share the same problems.
We present solutions which can help you right now.

Expense Bot

Expense Bot is a web application used for submitting requests for cost reimbursement for travel and company expenses paid by its employees.

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Iron Bot

Download Management Bot is a web application used for submitting requests for a data sample extraction from an e-archive.

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iBudgeting is a web application used for engagement and project planning. It enables the planning of project finances and budgeting as well as resource and time planning.

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