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We will help your business keep up with the future.

Process simplification and automation, data-driven decision-making, robotics and implementation of cloud and ERP solutions. The future of your company is dependant on how well you handle digital transformation. We can help you identify and take the right steps.

The goal of a transformation to a fully digital and automated company is not to save costs, but instead it is a means of survival and growth in today’s globalised and highly competitive environment.

Tomáš Kuča,Partner PwC

Our fields of expertise

Each company is unique. Which fields of expertise can we help you with to find your perfect solution?

Big Data Analytics & Data Science

  • We streamline data management with robust architectures and scalable solutions, offer instant insights through real-time streaming, and leverage predictive analytics and machine learning to boost decision-making and efficiency.
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Data Strategy and Management

  • We cover the whole end-to-end process from people, process and technology site across all data management areas.
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Software Development

  • We develop reliable, scalable and secure software solutions and bring together deep industry expertise and the latest technology advancements to deliver custom solutions and products.
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SAP Digital Supply Chain Planning

  • We are solving companies' supply chain issues (costs, sustainability, resilience, disruptions) by optimizing and enhancing the processes to increase productivity, improve resilience and enable faster and more efficient decision-making.
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Business Intelligence & Reporting

  • Our team specializes in utilizing advanced software and services to transform raw data into actionable intelligence, facilitating strategic and tactical business decisions. We excel in analyzing business performance, enabling the identification of opportunities and threats. With a focus on providing readily analyzable data, we empower decision-makers to take immediate action based on evidence and analytics. Through meticulous scrutiny of business data, we identify patterns, relationships, and trends, ensuring informed decision-making processes. Our expertise lies in the design and implementation of intuitive data visualizations that simplify the interpretation of complex datasets, effectively conveying insights. We continuously evaluate and enhance the reporting environment to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Moreover, we prioritize user-friendly BI tools and reports, ensuring accessibility and standardization to encourage regular adoption and enhance the overall user experience.

BAS AI Center of Excellence

  • Our service offers comprehensive advisory and project development focused on GenAI for clients from concept to execution. We assist with AI applications across a broad spectrum of tasks, emphasizing scalability and future-proofing. Additionally, we provide guidance on ethical AI practices and risk mitigation strategies in compliance with emerging regulations such as the AI Act and Responsible AI frameworks. We develop a proprietary "AI Compliance Tool" tailored to help businesses adhere to standards and guidelines through automated checks, reporting features, and audit trails. Furthermore, we provide strategic consultancy to align AI initiatives with business objectives, including use case identification, AI system design, and long-term AI roadmap planning. Through close collaboration with clients, we craft bespoke AI solutions addressing specific business challenges, encompassing design, prototyping, and implementation of AI systems.

IT Consulting & Automation

  • Our team excels in providing comprehensive IT services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. We offer strategic guidance in IT landscape establishment, ensuring that it aligns with organizational goals and requirements. Our quality assurance assessments encompass thorough evaluations of IT systems and applications, whether developed internally or by third-party providers. We specialize in cloud migration and optimization, providing professional consultations on architecture, design, and migration strategies to enhance efficiency and scalability. Furthermore, we guide clients through automation processes, from initial analysis to final implementation, ensuring seamless integration and ongoing maintenance. With our expertise in automatic process analysis and solution design, we empower businesses to optimize their operations and drive innovation.


  • Our team provides comprehensive consulting services in SAP S/4HANA, SAP Access Control, SAP Process Control, and SAP Signavio. We specialize in strategic business and process transformation, ensuring seamless integration and optimization. With a focus on quality assurance, we oversee SAP transformation projects to guarantee successful outcomes. Our expertise extends to the design and implementation of SAP solutions, including S/4HANA, Access Control, Process Control, and Signavio. We offer roll-out support for SAP S/4HANA and conduct thorough business process risk analysis, process mining, and analytics. Additionally, we design, implement and test SAP control environments, security, and authorization concepts. Our team also excels in application development, providing tailored solutions using SAP Fiori, ABAP, and SAP UI5.

Enterprise Performance Management

  • Our service specializes in management consulting aimed at enhancing business insight and performance through strategy development, planning, budgeting, financial consolidation, and ESG reporting using EPM Services. We excel in strategic business transformation and process optimization, leveraging extensive experience in designing, implementing, and operating both on-premise and cloud-based IT solutions across various functions and suppliers. Our expertise includes utilizing a wide range of technologies such as IBM Planning Analytics, Jedox, SAP Analytics Cloud, Board, Oracle, Anaplan, OneStream, Pigment, Fluence, Lucanet, and more. Additionally, we provide post-implementation support services, including SLA for application support, ensuring ongoing success and efficiency for our clients.

All companies share the same problems.
We present solutions which can help you right now.

Expense Bot

Expense Bot is a web application used for submitting requests for cost reimbursement for travel and company expenses paid by its employees.

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Iron Bot

Download Management Bot is a web application used for submitting requests for a data sample extraction from an e-archive.

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iBudgeting is a web application used for engagement and project planning. It enables the planning of project finances and budgeting as well as resource and time planning.

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Tomáš Kuča

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