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Automation and digitisation of document creation and management

We can help you implement a clear and automated system for the creation and management of your contracts and documents.

Document automation will speed up your work, reduce the risk of errors, increase your control over content and make your overall records management more efficient.

Our team will provide you with comprehensive consulting services. From the analysis and optimisation of processes, creation of document templates and approval workflows, through the actual integration of the selected technology platform, to accessibility to real-time work with documents online (including electronic signing). Complete project management is a matter of course.

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Document automation in practice

Try how automation works in practice! For instance, create a personalised contract agreement – it's easy. We have prepared a demo for you in cooperation with Legito s.r.o

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Technologies we use

Automation in practice

Try how automation works in practice! For instance, create a personalised contract for new employee – it's easy. We have prepared a demo for you in cooperation with Legito s.r.o.

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Would you like to see how we do it in practice? Get in touch and let us show you how easy and fast document automation can be for your business.

What benefits will the service bring you?

Automation of frequently repeated documents as a tool to eliminate human error and to reduce administrative burden has become an integral part of digital transformation projects. It is widely used especially in departments dealing with HR, business, law, administration, accounting, taxes, and management of supply and customer chains.

Guaranteed quality error-free contracts

The quality of documents and contracts, where an error in wording can have a major impact on the meaning of the document, is significantly improved thanks to pre-prepared contract templates. Easily ensure compliance with all internal and external regulations.

Saved time and faster process authorisation

Document automation saves time and money, not only when creating a document, but also within its revision and approval. It speeds up the signing process which is automated through workflows.

Perfect overview

You get insight into the status of individual contracts with a clear dashboard. This turns your documents into data that can not only be searched but also analysed in any way.

Paperless office

A paperless approach reduces the administrative burden and is more environmentally friendly. You will be able to operate completely paperless, also thanks to electronic signatures.

How can we help you?

We take a comprehensive approach to automation and management of documents and processes. We will be happy to tailor a solution to your needs.


Document process analysis and optimisation

Through automation, we help clients tackle the tedious and routine process of document preparation.


Creating document templates and approval workflows

We create standardised smart templates that significantly eliminate the risk of critical manual errors while enabling faster processing. We support workflows that clearly define user roles when creating or approving documents.


Integration of the selected technology platform into the client’s environment

We connect automated documents to your other systems via APIs, ensuring the accuracy of automatically populated data without the need for manual input and follow-up.


Electronic document signing and online document management

We enable automated documents to be shared, reviewed, evaluated and signed in real time online.



We can also help with the handling of the actual solution implementation as well as communicating the changes and innovations to the company.

Case studies

See examples of real document digitisation solutions for our clients.

Why entrust the solution to our team?

We can help you save money and capacity by optimising the existing processes and eliminating inefficiencies.

We have experience in document automation across the entire company (HR, business, legal department, finance, administration).

We will provide you with a comprehensive service from A to Z. Our team consists of specialists in process analysis and design, including integration and legal specialists.

We have a global reach. Thanks to PwC’s worldwide network of specialists, we have access to extensive know-how. We help clients in more than 50 countries around the world.

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Tomáš Fiala

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Marek Klimeš

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