Artificial Intelligence for (re)insurance companies and banks

PwC offers assistance in defining the right AI vision and strategy for companies, enabling effective utilisation of AI and guidance on investments and expectations in the rapidly evolving field.

Artificial Intelligence has been making great strides. It has shifted from an incomprehensible subject of a chosen few “Einsteins” to a daily used assistant. Companies invest enormous amounts of money in AI to reduce costs, speed up customer service and stay competitive.

Our assistance 

How to effectively use AI to build up your company?
How to transform your business to stay ahead?

PwC can help you to answer those questions as well as define the right AI vision and strategy of your company.

Our services

We will propose you

1 Management awareness We will show the managers what the current and expected AI capabilities are and how they are used/can be used in the banking and (re)insurance sector. We will moderate unreasonably high expectations and challenge low expectations.
2 Use case ideation We will prepare a workshop to develop relevant AI use cases.
3 Vision We will help you to formulate the company's AI vision.
4 Organization and team We will propose your variants of an organizational setup, services, competencies, and roles to implement AI and benefit from AI.
5 Way of work We will define the changes in your work to include or enhance AI use.
6 Platform and tool We will define the main functionalities of AI use.
7 Regulation and risks We will articulate the main risks related to AI implementation in your company and explain the existing and emerging regulation.
8 Roadmap We will place all the main activities onto a roadmap with clearly defined goals and milestones.

Thanks to the team of senior consultants bringing experience in (re)insurance and banking businesses we can generate unique ideas that are tailored to the specific needs and challenges of each client. Our competence is bolstered by expansive teams of data specialists, risk managers, and modelers (100+) providing crucial support to each project. This collaborative structure allows us to consistently deliver exceptional value and elevate our clients' experience to new heights.

Petr Novák


Petr Novák

Petr Novák

Risk Data, PwC Czech Republic

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Radek Hendrych

Radek Hendrych

Actuarial Risk Modelling, PwC Czech Republic

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Magdalena Kardela-Wojtaszek

Magdalena Kardela-Wojtaszek

Insurance Business Development, PwC Czech Republic

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