We offer the latest analytical procedures and comprehensive financial valuation models that reflect not only the functioning of a valued company but also macroeconomic and industrial trends in which the company operates and by which a company is influenced.

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Valuation of businesses, assets and intellectual property (intangible assets) in acquisitions, sales of business shares, mergers, joint ventures and strategic alliances. When performing transaction structuring, we also cooperate with the M&A team.


Valuation of businesses, and their parts or equity stakes for tax group restructuring proposed by PwC tax specialists. Valuation of assets, determining the cost of equity and/or cost of debt to assess compliance with the arm’s length (transfer pricing) principle.

Support in litigation, arbitration and other dispute resolutions

Expert testimonies and reviews in corporate litigations, loss of profit calculations, compensation, etc., based on an in-depth and independent analysis by our experts in the field of valuation. In cooperation with the PwC forensic team we participate in arbitration and other means of resolving various disputes in the role of financial experts, resolving the valuation-related issues.

Financial reporting

Assessment, identification and valuation of intangible assets, the revaluation of tangible assets in the post-acquisition Purchase Price Allocation procedure (PPA) under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Testing for potential impairment.

Insolvency proceedings

Valuation in connection with the reorganisation, revitalisation or liquidation of companies in financial distress, the preparation of expert opinions for creditor committees, courts, insolvency trustees or financially distressed companies themselves. Based on financial plans prepared by the PwC restructuring team, we compare alternatives of possible future developments including quantifying the impact on a company's value.

The Valuations and Strategy team consists of experts specialising in individual industries and the specific purposes for which valuation services are requested. The Czech valuation team is part of the PwC Central European and worldwide network of valuation services, which enables it to regularly share its findings and knowledge. We have extensive experience with the valuation of stocks, businesses, parts of business enterprises and tangible as well as intangible assets in various industries and for specific valuation purposes.

Stanislav Kopeček

Director, Valuations Services

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Stanislav Kopeček

Stanislav Kopeček

Valuation Services, PwC Czech Republic

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