Corporate Tax Services

PwC provides a full range of corporate taxation services. Our specialist teams provide customized solutions to your specific individual needs and objectives, while keeping you informed of relevant changes in the tax and legal landscape. This allows us to maximise your cost effectiveness and manage your full compliance with changing regulations.

Our services

Corporate tax compliance services

The Corporate Compliance Group focuses solely on the preparation of corporate income tax returns in order to provide you with the highest level of expertise. Our specialists prepare a detailed schedule to ensure that the entire process is transparent and efficient. In our initial consultation with you, we clarify the work required, together with all necessary steps, deadlines and procedures. We follow up at each stage to ensure that deadlines are met and that work is proceeding on course.

Key services

  • Preparation and submission of tax returns
  • Review of tax compliance and administration procedures

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Transfer pricing

Transactions within multinational companies are becoming increasingly important in business worldwide. All transactions among related parties are influenced by the Czech legal framework and, for tax purposes, prices agreed between related parties have to meet the definition of arm’s length principle. The consequences of an incorrect transfer pricing set-up can be additional tax assessment, penalties and interest on late payment. In the case of companies receiving investment incentives, having an incorrect transfer pricing set-up can even cause potential loss of these investments.

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International taxation and tax structuring

  • Are you a foreign company planning to invest in the Czech Republic?
  • Are you a Czech company that is planning to expand abroad?
  • Are you interested in knowing whether your company could make use of holding or financial structures with international elements to optimise group tax burdens?
  • Does your company make payments abroad in the form of dividends, interest, or service fees?
  • Do you cooperate with foreign partners in the Czech Republic?

A specialised team of PwC experts will answer questions related to international transactions, propose a tax optimal business structure, or recommend a change of existing structure to allow you to decrease tax costs and, thereby, increase profit.

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R&D tax allowance, investment incentives, grants

Are you aware of all of the possibilities available to your company to obtain financial support from public sources? There are various funding possibilities from public sources for investment projects and research and development activities in the Czech Republic. It is possible to receive a direct cash subsidy or a tax credit or deduction for particular investment projects.

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Tax Aspects in Corporate Treasury

PwC's finance and treasury tax specialists offer tax services in various areas of corporate finance, with a focus on leasing, project finance transactions, tax-advantaged corporate financing arrangements and financial products, as well as other treasury-related areas. We can help you reduce the cost of capital by designing a tax-efficient capital structure for your firm and providing tax advice on efficient  financing and treasury management. 

Key Services

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Real Estate

PwC in the Czech Republic has a well-established industry-focused team devoted to working with players in the real estate industry to address the issues facing the sector in today’s market.
Our Real Estate team includes experienced Tax and Legal, Assurance and Financial Advisory professionals.


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Payroll Services

Are you a company seeking a payroll provider, be it for short-term assistance or long-term cooperation?

Would it benefit you to transfer payroll-related administration to experienced professionals? Or do you need to consult other payroll-related issues?

Do you employ any foreign specialists based on an International Hiring of Labour (IHOL) contract and need to do payroll for them in the Czech Republic?

PwC can help you to set up a payroll system and ensure its compliance with valid Czech legislation.

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Bookkeeping Services

Are you a company where it would be more effective having the bookkeeping done completely or in part by certified accountants to allow you to concentrate more on your own business instead? 

Do you need to prepare statutory financial statements or some other statements for institutions such as the Tax Office, Czech Statistical Office, or Czech National Bank?

Do you not know what needs to be set up in the accounting system? Do you need an accounting professional’s assistance? Do you need your accounting readjusted?

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