Bookkeeping Services

Are you a company where it would be more effective having the bookkeeping done completely or in part by certified accountants to allow you to concentrate more on your own business instead? 

Do you need to prepare statutory financial statements or some other statements for institutions such as the Tax Office, Czech Statistical Office, or Czech National Bank?

Do you not know what needs to be set up in the accounting system? Do you need an accounting professional’s assistance? Do you need your accounting readjusted?

Our services

Statutory bookkeeping for enterprisers and non-profit associations

  • Comprehensive bookkeeping in compliance with valid Czech legislation
  • Partial bookkeeping – fixed assets, business trip expense statements, confirmation of balance sheet receivables and payables, issuance of invoices, etc.
  • Financial services – non-cash payment system and communication with banks
  • Monitoring of temporary employee assignments and providing with payroll services (for more information please see the Payroll Services section)

Financial reporting

  • Preparation of statutory financial statements in compliance with valid Czech legislation
  • Preparation of financial statements in compliance with IFRS and US GAAP

Intercompany reporting

  • Preparation of reporting according to the client’s individual needs
  • Preparation of reporting for the purposes of group company consolidation and preparation of overviews of the differences between the statutory financial statements and the reporting for the purposes of group company consolidation
  • Setting up of account mapping between statutory bookkeeping and managerial reporting

Reporting to authorities and institutions

  • Tax Office – tax registration, preparation of withholding tax statements, obligation to announce payments to individuals, announcement of conclusion of specific contracts, etc.
  • Czech National Bank – announcement of monetary transactions between the Czech Republic and other countries, preparation of statements, etc.
  • Czech Statistical Office – preparation of statements for the selected accounting unit
  • Health Insurance Offices and the Social Security Offices (for more information please see the Payroll Services section)

Bookkeeping review and provision of a certified accountant

  • Provision of a certified accountant to review your internal bookkeeping and reporting directly at your company over the long term
  • Provision of a certified accountant in the event of a temporary absence of your specialist
  • Setting up of internal accounting processes and preparation of internal accounting guidelines

Other accounting projects

  • Setting up of the accounting system in a new accounting unit
  • Assistance with selection and implementation of the accounting system
  • Reorganisation of the accounting system
  • Readjustment of bookkeeping
  • Support with resolving accounting issues of a methodological nature
  • Accounting consulting and interpretation of accounting legislation


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Martina Seidlová

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