Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods

We understand the trends and technologies in retail, the FMCG and customer behaviour and we help you to respond quickly to changes across the entire industry.

How PwC can help

ESG agenda

The pressure on sustainable entrepreneurship is increased by investors as well as by end customers and regulators. Therefore, companies need to take appropriate steps in their environmental and social sustainability (ESS). We will help you to set up an ESG strategy, non-financial reporting or decarbonisation plans.

Salary inequality

All over the world, companies realise that an inclusive working environment that motivates talented people while providing fair remuneration is the key to their business success. One of the ways how we help our clients to solve any salary inequality issues is the EQUAL-SALARY Certification.

Trustworthy business relationships

How to defend your company and verify huge piles of third-party data efficiently without lengthy manual checks? The Intelligent Risk Monitoring application performs the digitalisation and automation of company verification by searching through public registers and other available sources, using such information for risk assessment.

The retail and consumer packaged goods industry is going through some dynamic changes. This is caused by the changes to consumer preferences, fast technology development, demographic changes and also by the emphasis on sustainability. In order to be profitable, entrepreneurs are forced to adapt their business models to such changes. At PwC, we help leading global as well as local clients from the retail and consumer packaged goods industry to face these challenges successfully.

Petr Mališ

Leader, Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods

Our services

Audit, Accounting and Assurance Services

  • Identification of possible accounting errors or fraud based on the big data analysis
  • Cyber security testing
  • Automation via SW robots to reduce headcount (both back-office and front-office)
  • Revenues testing from accepting the payment to sales recording
  • Verification of retailers’ sales to tenants of the retail space
  • Assistance with accounting and financial reporting issues
  • Audit and other assurance services

Tax and Legal Consulting

  • Legal business affairs/regulatory issues (preparation/revision of contracts with distributors and/or customers, consumer protection issues, representation before the state authorities, implementation of compliance programmes, etc.)
  • Transaction consulting
  • Employment – labour issues
  • Appropriate tax adjustment of the marketing events (income tax and VAT)
  • Bonuses, shortages and damages, cost re-invoicing – setting/application of income tax and VAT
  • Funding – the rules for reduced capitalisation – income tax
  • Real estate (sales, depreciation, technical improvements) – transfer pricing, income tax and VAT
  • Other tax issues


  • Multichannel sales – digital sales integration
  • Role of digital channel for companies producing fast-moving consumer goods
  • Private labels – a threat or an opportunity for companies producing fast-moving consumer goods?
  • Private labels – management from the perspective of retail chains
  • Management of a transformation programme
  • Maintaining competitiveness when facing discount chains
  • Management of loyalty programmes
  • Analysis of the profitability of customer segments/product groups/markets/sales channels/individual businesses or other entities
  • GEO optimisation of individual sales/contact points in comparison to the potential of individual areas
  • Elasticity analysis, dynamic pricing and suppliers' discounts
  • Shopping cart analysis and „share of wallet“ (understanding households, their incomes, expenditure and consumption at various life cycle stages) analysis
  • Customer analysis based on behavioural segmentation
  • Return on marketing investment (effectiveness analysis)
  • Identification of manufacture bottlenecks based on time-stamps analysis
  • Internal communication – communication service from the management to the stores/points of sale

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Petr Mališ

Petr Mališ

Assurance Services, PwC Czech Republic

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