Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods

Sector of the retail and consumer goods is undergoing a rapid development due to changes of consumers´ preferences, rapid technological progress and demographic changes.  Retailers are forced to adapt their business model to these changes in order to realize a profit. In PwC, we help to leading companies as well as Czech clients in the retails and consumer goods domain face to these challenges successfully. 

Audit, Accounting and Assurance services

  • Identification of possible errors or fraud in the accounting based on the analysis of the big data
  • Cyber security testing
  • Automation via SW robots to reduce headcount (both back-office and front-office)
  • Revenues to cash testing
  • Verification of retailers’ sales to landlords of a retail space
  • Assistance with accounting and financial reporting issues
  • Audit and other assurance services

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  • Multichannel sales – digital sales integration
  • The role of digital channel for companies producing fast-moving consumer goods
  • Private labels – A threat or an opportunity for companies producing fast-moving consumer goods?
  • Private labels – management from the perspective of retail chains
  • Managing of the transformation program
  • Maintaining competitiveness when facing discount chains.
  • Management of the loyalty programs
  • Analysis of the profitability of customer segments/product groups/markets/sales channels/individual businesses or other entities
  • GEO optimization of individual sales/contact points in comparison to the potential of individual areas
  • Analysis of the elasticity, dynamic pricing and suppliers' discounts
  • Analysis of the shopping cart and „share of wallet“ (understanding households´, their incomes, spends and a life cycle)
  • Analysis of customers based on behavioral segmentation
  • Return of the marketing investments (effectiveness analysis)
  • Identification of bottlenecks based on time-stamps analysis
  • Internal communication – communication service from the management to the stores/points of sale

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Tax and Legal consulting

  • Legal Business affairs/regulatory rules (preparation/revision of contracts with distributors and/or customers, the issue of consumer protection, representation before the state authorities, implementing of the compliance programs etc.)
  • Transaction consulting
  • Employment – labour issues
  • Appropriate tax adjustment of the marketing events (income tax and VAT)
  • Bonuses, shortages and damages, re-invoicing of costs – setting/application of income tax and VAT
  • Funding – the rules for reduced capitalization – income tax
  • Real estate (sales, depreciation, technical evaluation) – transfer pricing, income tax and VAT
  • Other tax issues

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2017 Retail Industry Trends - by Strategy&

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The 2017 Global Omnichannel Retail Index: Omnichannel on the march - by Strategy&

The 2017 Global Omnichannel Retail Index: Omnichannel on the march - by Strategy&

Globally, omnichannel retail is on the march. Over the last two years, in most countries and categories, retailers have become more mature in enabling consumers to research, compare, purchase, and return products across channels. Yet there is still a wide range of performance. To give retailers a snapshot, we analyzed the omnichannel maturity of 28 countries and nine consumer retail categories and created an index, which uses industry data to rank countries on a scale of 1 to 100 across four dimensions: the degree of digitization for retail sales in a country or category; omnichannel potential; consumer behavior; and technology infrastructure

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