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Our specialists, press releases and contact details through which we are happy to assist you in doing your jobs.


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Aleš Černý

PR Manager

Tel: +420 602 172 816

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Gabriela Nováková

Social Media Specialist

Tel: +420 601 337 128

Our specialists in individual areas

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Petr Smutný

Business Recovery Services, Industry

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Jan Hadrava

Mergers & Acquisitions

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Olga Cilečková

Forex Risk Assurance

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Pavel Štefek

Automotive, Electromobility

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Jan Brázda


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Andrea Linhartová Palánová

HR, Equal-Salary area

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Martin Diviš

Indirect taxes

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David Borkovec


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Kateřina Halásek Dosedělová

Forensic Investigation, Financial Crime

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Petr Kincl

Law, Tax Litigations

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Michal Wojnar

Cyber security

Please contact Aleš Černý at or +420 602 172 816 with respect to any enquiries addressed to our specialists.

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