R&D tax allowance, investment incentives, grants

Are you aware of all of the possibilities available to your company to obtain financial support from public sources? There are various funding possibilities from public sources for investment projects and research and development activities in the Czech Republic. It is possible to receive a direct cash subsidy or a tax credit or deduction for particular investment projects. In the Czech Republic, the following grants, incentives & research and development tax allowance support is available:

  • Investment incentives in the form of a corporate income tax credit, more favourable transfer of a land or direct cash grant,
  • grants from the EU structural and investment funds,
  • research and development tax allowance.

Our experts have an excellent overview of EU legislation, economic competition, and the system of investment incentives at the regional, national, and international level. Based on this knowledge, they are also able to render comprehensive advisory services related to all aspects of utilising investment incentives, public subsidies and grants, tax relief, funds from the EU structural funds, or other public sources.

Our services

Analysing the benefits and challenges of investing in the Czech Republic. Advisory related to the tax aspects of the below-mentioned areas with a focus on the maximum utilisation of public sources.

Investment incentives

  • Assistance when completing the application for investment incentives with the aim of achieving the best conditions
  • Reviewing the fulfilment of all grant conditions for the duration of the grant period and ensuring that the incentives granted are being used to the maximum extent possible
  • Ensuring that all documentation requirements are met

More information

Research & development tax allowance

  • Assistance with the preparation of research and development (R&D) projects
  • Assessing the possibility of applying for an R&D tax allowance
  • Assistance with the preparation of status reports
  • Preparing the request for a tax ruling focusing on the eligibility of R&D costs in a particular tax period
  • Preparation of an expert opinion regarding the eligible costs

Grants from the EU structural and investment funds

  • Monitoring grants
  • Assistance completing the application for EU grants
  • Assistance with project changes during the utilisation of grants
  • Assistance with supported project financing and monitoring (preparation of a payment request and its calculation, grant clearing, accounting advisory, etc.)

Typical company activities for which it is possible to receive support

  • Implementing new or expanding existing production
  • Implementing R&D or innovation projects
  • Implementing energy savings in manufacturing
  • Organising internal training courses or establishing a training centre
  • Implementing community projects (museums, schools, repairs to historical landmarks)
  • Investing in travel infrastructure (establishing accommodation facilities, congress tourism, construction of sports facilities, and the like)



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